Saturday, March 20, 2010

Sorry, I’ve Been Quiet Lately

Well, I went back to work Monday, so I was extremely exhausted and half sick by the time I got home every day.  Didn’t leave a lot of time to blog. 

Last Sunday, I worked on this:

 IMG_0514 IMG_0513

Just an old dollhouse (The Laurel) that I’ve had for close to 7 years now.  I ripped the porch off and was going to turn it into a shop/residence and “pave” the base.  Since I’ve got so much going on, I decided to sell it.  However, there is not much of a market for dollhouses where I live.

I placed it on CraigsList, but so far, all I have received is spam.  Now the shingles you see are fresh.  It only took two days to get them done.  I also painted the sides

IMG_0515 IMG_0516

in a nice barn red color.  The eaves need another coat of white paint along with the trim around the window and door.  It also needs doors.  The front needs another coat of both blue and white paint.  I had special mixed the blue, so I’m going to have to come up with another color there.  I do have the white AND a piece of trim where the white and blue meet.  It will be painted the barn red color to tie all three colors together (did you know the eye finds odd numbers more pleasing?).  I also have the window boxes that go under each window that will be painted white. 

As for the blue color, I may go to Lowes or Home Depot and pick out a color that’s close and have them mix me a sample pot.  If I hadn’t been so sloppy with the white at the bottom, I wouldn’t even need the blue, but I was, the damage is done, now I just have to fix it.  Plus, find doors!  The doors that go with it don’t fit.  So, either I have to make some or sand down the ones I have.  UGH.  Now where is that handy-dandy sander hubby got me one year that I never used.  HMMMMM

What I thought I would do is continue working on it, updating the listing on CraigsList as I go.  It’s only marked at $30 (though I would take less just to get rid of it) and would really make a cool shop.  Plus, I was going to throw in the can of white paint! 

Well, I’ll mess around with it more and see what I get done.  It’s supposed to be blustery and chilly here tomorrow, so a day spent in a warm studio would be great.  At the very least, I’ll hone some of my somewhat rusty dollhouse skills before I tackle The Victorian some more or one of my other projects.

Speaking of projects, look what I’m thinking of doing:

Greenleaf Spring Fling

Yep, the Greenleaf Spring Challenge with the optional addition.

Greenleaf Spring Fling w-Option


Until Later…………………………….


  1. I think it's darling and I hope it sells soon! Feel better soon:)

  2. I love this. I would totally buy it but the shipping would be outrageous.

    So much for economic turn around...nobody has an extra money to spend?

    You'd almost think someone would buy it for an Easter gift.

    Maybe you should "stage" a photo with Easter grass and bunnies.

  3. Hope works settles down for you soon. I hit send too quick.

  4. What a cute doll house-I hope you are feeling better-I received the magazine thank you.