Tuesday, June 7, 2011

Countdown to Surgery

Well, not much longer and I will finally be able to breathe correctly again.  In one week, I will be having surgery on a deviated septum and some other nasal blockages that has kept me from breathing correctly.

Only one little problem.......I had to stop taking my Celebrex.  I have severe pain, from carpal tunnel in both wrists to arthritis in my back where I had surgery this past November.  Sooooo, I'm waiting for the pain to really hit.  Currently, it's confined to ring finger & pinky on my left hand and my lower back near my surgical scar.  It will slowly begin creeping up and down both arms, into my neck (from my neck fusion) then down my back and onto my legs.  The only thing I can take is Lortab, so will have to start on it as soon as the pain gets unbearable.  Since I just stopped the Celebrex last night, I have a least today before the pain really hits, maybe even tomorrow.  We shall see.

In the meantime, I'm trying to get what I can done at work AND trying to get necessary stuff related to my Etsy stores and possible booth rental all together.  I have a PILE of stuff on my dining room table to go through and sort into saleable now, fixable, or supply use; not to mention stuff I personally collect that needs to be put in my new display cabinet.  Hubby really hates it when I obscure the dining table!

Then, there are two estate sales to attend this weekend along with an Art Association meeting I have to attend.  May only make one estate sale, but hubby gets to be my chauffeur.  Without a doubt, by this weekend I will be on Lortab and I will not drive when I take it.  Very unsafe.

Then, the pain REALLY starts.  The doctor warned my that my surgery aftermath will be painful, but as long as she gives me really good pain killers to take, I'll be fine.  I've survived a neck fusion, knee surgery, back surgery, migraines, and chronic pain, so I feel I can handle this.  I hope a day or two after surgery, I will at least be able to function enough to start sorting stuff again. 

Guess I need to run.  Lunch time is close and I need to go outside to clear my head.  Apparently, I am allergic to something in my office and about 5 minutes after sitting down at my desk, I get light-headed which continues to worsen until it hits vertigo stage before I leave for the day.  If I leave my office for just a few minutes, all that starts to clear.  I'm having the custodial company that cleans really give my office a GOOD cleaning while I'm out.  This only started happening recently, so something has changed.  Probably not cleaning it or vacuuming it like they should.

Got to run.  Maybe I'll have good stuff to talk about and show y'all soon.

Life is a mirror-if you frown at it, it frowns back; If you smile at it, it returns the greeting.

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  1. Oh man, I know this will help you in the end but it sounds like a rough road getting there! Take it easy! Rest up!