Monday, February 17, 2014

LWD Design Tool Review Tuesday: Glitz Rollerdoodles

For today’s Tool Review Tuesday, I decided to review the Glitz Rollerdoodle.  I chose a Giant Rollerdoodle with a flora pattern and two Tiny Rollerdoodles; lace and feathers.

The surfaces used are watercolor paper, white cardstock, a manila folder cut to an ATC shape, and Ranger Glossy Cardstock.  I am using Ranger Black Archival Ink, Versamark Embossing Ink, paint, and black embossing powder. 

For this first experiment, I used the Giant Floral Rollerdoodle and watercolor paper.  First, make sure you ink the Rollerdoodle very well.  Run it back and forth several times.  I found with the Giant ones, you need to run it across the page in a slow motion while pressing down slightly.  The watercolor paper was a little too rough I think and the image didn’t transfer very well.

Next, I used the Tiny Feather Rollerdoodle and plain white cardstock.  It worked very well, had nice definition, and I found I could get two rolls out of one inking.

Onward!  The next test was with the Tiny Lace Rollerdoodle and an ATC cut from a manila folder.  As you can see, I didn’t get it rolled too straight (understatement of the year) but it did well.  For the middle section, you can see where I didn’t apply even pressure.  This is a consideration with these rolling stamps.

How about a Tiny Feather Rollerdoodle and Ranger Glossy Cardstock?  Not too good a match.  Due to the extreme slickness of the paper, the image smeared in several spots.  Not good if you are going for a crisp, clean image. 

Now for some messy fun.  I took some regular acrylic paint and ran both the Giant Floral Rollerdoodle and the Tiny Lace Rollerdoodle through it and then across my watercolor paper.  As you can see, it’s very blob-y.  Not a good look unless you are going for this look.  I can see it working for different applications.

And now for the big surprise.  It work AWESOME with Versamark Embossing Ink and embossing powder.  I only inked the Rollerdoodle up once and got two good lines of stamping.  The definition is nice and crisp.  This was the biggest shock.  I didn’t think it would work so well.
Now for an overview:  I found the Tiny Rollerdoodles easier to use and roll than the Giant Rollerdoodle.  There was some issue with applying even pressure, but I think that was user error more than anything.  They work better on smooth paper with some tooth (card stock, manila folder) than rougher paper (watercolor paper) and much better than a slick paper (glossy cardstock).

They also work well on cardboard and chipboard.  I used the Giant Floral Rollerdoodle here over a gesso’d, misted, cardboard background.  It was inked with Distress Ink in a color similar to the background.  I found it worked well and accented this album page perfectly.
In conclusion, I like them.  They work well and are perfect for borders, accents, and backgrounds.
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Supplies Used Available from Lone Wolf Designs LLC:
Glitz Floral Giant Rollerdoodle
Glitz Lace Tiny Rollerdoodle
Glitz Feather Tiny Rollerdoodle
Ranger Glossy Cardstock
Versamark Embossing Ink

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