Saturday, June 5, 2010



Okay, I’ve done it.  I’ve opened a second blog that will be a “selling” blog.  I’ll place items on it before listing them in my Etsy stores (or may do both simultaneously).   My mom has been wanting something like this for a while and I finally had made the time.

Why have a selling blog?  Well, 1)  I wanted a place where all my Etsy stores could be shown in one location; 2) a place to quickly list my latest finds for sale until I had time to write out nicely worded listings & take all the fancy pictures (I need to get a photo light box made) for Etsy ; 3) list items that didn’t sell on Etsy, 4) where" “make an offer/choose and item for $X” could be placed; & 5) items that didn’t quite make the 20-year cutoff for Etsy (I have a LOT of Madame Alexander dolls that fit into this category).

Having a selling blog seemed to fit the bill.  So, the name of it is Epoch Junktique (epoch meaning “vintage” – like y’all didn’t already know that).   Currently, all four of my mother’s and my Etsy stores are listed as well as a couple of games and books.  I’m playing around with the Pages Gadget and with adding a PayPal link under each listing.  Once I get it all figured out, things should run smoothly.  I also take checks and will ship Worldwide.

Down the road, I hope to use it to announce blog-only specials, as my business grows.  

See, there’s a method to my madness.  When I retire in 14 years (13 years, 11 months, and 25 days but who’s counting?)  I plan on antique hunting or junkin’ being my “second career”.  I also dream of owning my own booth in an antique mall.  So, I’m taking my first “baby steps”.  I want to travel around the US with my mom if she’s still able and with friends I meet through the years that share my love and passion for vintage/antique items.  Considering the lack of anything down here vintage except furniture and glass (which I avoid), I have to travel.  My motto will be Have Truck, Have Trailer, Will Travel!  Okay, so I have to get over the fear of towing things – I totaled out a perfectly good boat I was towing several years ago – can’t tow a dern thing now!

Back to my new blog - At first, the going will be slow since I don’t have a lot of free time on my hands, but hopefully, I’ll be able to list more and more.  Plus, if I can ever teach my mom how to blog, she has TONS of vintage items she can list.   It takes a combination of Windows Live Writer and Blogger Editor to get things just right.

Now a big SHOUTOUT to Karen at The Graphics Fairy for all the help she gave me in getting my new blog set up with three columns.  She a WONDERFUL, SWEET person.  THANK YOU KAREN!

Here’s a peek at something that will be up soon:  IMG_0909 IMG_0913

Until Later ……………………………


  1. I think that's a great idea and good luck wishes and prayers are being sent your way:)

  2. Muy buena idea lo de la tienda, espero que te vaya muy bien, tienes unos trabajos muy bonitos.
    Besos Carmen