Monday, August 6, 2012

Challenge Accepted! August Collage Challenge from Green Paper

Just a real quick post and then back to cooking supper. 

Green Paper challenged us blog readers to use at least part of each of the three pictures below.  One lucky winner will receive an Antique French Dictionary image collection.


Well, I was up to the challenge!  Here is my entry:

It’s a 4 x 6 made using the three images, some lace, some frayed cotton material, and a touch of Stickles (can never go wrong there!).   I did cut down the map some and rearranged a few of its elements.  The tickets gave me pause but I finally figured them out.  Of course, I had to fussy-cut the girl out along with some of the flora. 

It’s definitely not my best work ever, but considering what little came out of my studio this weekend, I consider it a triumph.   It was not a productive weekend, but there’s always tomorrow!

Until later…………………

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  1. This is beautiful! I hope everybody clicks to get a closer look - wonderful detail!

  2. Very pretty! I like how you added the fabric and the stickles!

  3. I took Mary's suggestion and clicked for a closer look! Very the textured layers!

  4. Nice job - I like the frayed fabric running along behind the girl. Also like her glittery cape. If someone had told me to do that, I'd have thought they were crazy, but I like it. That's what's so great about these challenges, seeing all the different ideas.

  5. Oh, I like the glittered cape especially! It really pops!

  6. i love what you've done with this challenge! thanks for visiting and following my blog. i am now following your luscious blog. xo