Friday, August 7, 2015

Dream Journal Page

Good morning everyone!  Today, I have a journal page I created from one on my paint journal pages.  What I call my paint journal is an art journal where I put all the left over paint, texture paste, wet stencils, and inked stamps that I have when I'm completing a project.  I just smear things across the page and it creates some wonderful backgrounds for future projects.

I started with one of my more colorful pages that incorporated several colors of Art Anthology Velvet (I see Mardi Gras (discontinued), Fiji, and Lagoon to name a few), the Art Anthology Beehive Stencil, and some Art Anthology Colorations (Glorious and Plush).

I stamped Vintage Balloon Collage from Technique Junkies onto a piece of card and then cut out both balloons.  The top of the larger one was sprayed with Art Anthology Colorations in Heart and the bottom painted with Art Anthology Velvet in Fiesta and Fiji. The smaller balloon was painted with Art Anthology Velvet in Limeade and Tango.

After placing my balloons and gluing them down, I traced over parts of the stenciled image with a black maker, red marker, and white gel pen.  The balloons were also traced with a black marker followed by the white gel pen in order for them to stand out against the background.

Lastly, I added my sentiment from Technique Junkies Dream Quotes also tracing it with a black marker.

Hope you enjoyed today's page.  Now you know not to just wipe up all that colorful goodness from your craft mat.  Brush it onto a blank journal page, trowel it on with a palette knife, or de-ink your stamps by stamping them over onto a page.

Until later...................


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