Tuesday, August 26, 2008

What a Day

WOW. I was on a roll today! I have not completed a doll in months. So today, I fully completed Angelica! A beautiful, modern doll.

I took the Sadie kit from Dana at MiniatureArt and modified it somewhat. I had trouble with the top, so when I was able to get it cut out and it was a little short, well, that just showed off her tiny waist. When the lame' skirt was too see-through, I gave her pants under the skirt. I applied her blonde hair and flipped it over and back.
Her shoes are painted on with black silk straps for accents. She looks as if she is ready for a night out on the town.

Her purse is my creation and really very very easy. Just take a slightly rectangular piece of fabric - in this case with the lame' I backed it with a stiffer silk piece - and fold it not quite half-way up. I also used the back of the lame' to give it a little more contrast. Then, take the top part, fold downward to make little triangles on each side and glue. Then, fold down the top and glue. Add a silver bead on each side of the flap to simulate a closure. Walla, a clutch!

All in all I was very pleased with her. I was able to overcome all problems without them overcoming me and ended up with a beautiful doll. Alas, she will hopefully be finding a new home. She currently is up for auction at MiniaturesOnly.com.

I have one more doll in the works, I just need to apply the finishing touch. While the doll herself is completed, I like to give them something of their own, whether it be a clutch or a bowl with a spoon. They need to look as if they are doing something for me to be happy with them and to me it's my "signature". The doll I am currently finishing up is totally from my imagination. Maybe in a day or so I can show her!
As a side note, if you are interested in any of the dolls that you see, please feel free to contact me about their availability.
Thanks for looking!!

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