Saturday, August 16, 2008

Wonderful Upcoming Auction To Look At

I usually just focus in on 1/12th scale dolls, but I am also interested in larger dolls, specifically fashion dolls from the late 1800's. I just received a postcard from Skinner Auctions. They will be holding a Toy and Doll auction in MA later this month. While there is no way I could attend, much less afford anything, there is some wonderful "eye candy" for doll lovers. The link is You need to click on the Dolls & Toys auction for 8/24 and then near the bottom of the next page, there are two PDFs you can download. Or you can just tell the site you want to view all and then search by dolls. Beautiful antique dolls, most in wonderful shape. Oh, to be rich!!!! LOL.

'Til later.

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