Wednesday, November 25, 2009


Just wanted to pop-in real quick and wish everyone a Happy Thanksgiving. 

I'm having somewhat of a hard time recovering from my outpatient procedure, so I may not post much if any before next week.  However, don't forget to check out some of the giveaways that may pop up now and again on my sidebar.  I do go visiting some of my favorite blogs since it requires little use of my hands (unlike typing) and it's easy to post a pic and a link. 

The latest is a giveaway by Lulu Kellogg on her site for a set of Cavallini Stamps.  But hurry, the deadline for entry is November 29th.  Also, there are several more giveaways posted on my sidebar that are ending soon.

When I've fully recovered, I do have a lot to blog about.  I had a very worthwhile auction jaunt last weekend (lots of neat stuff) which doesn't include some things my mom got last Friday, a fruitful trip to Hobby Lobby on Monday (can you say LOTS of mini accessories for 1/2 off?), some pics snapped here and there of interesting stuff (borrowed my son's little camera), more interesting finds/wins on Ebay, and I'm getting an early Christmas gift!  My mom has ordered me a little digital camera I can shove in my purse and carry with me everywhere (unlike the huge Olympus digital I have for more professional/family get-together shots).  Yippee!!!

Oh, and if you don't know, Michael's is having a HUGE sale Friday.  The coupons are the best ever!!!  Can you say 25% off you ENTIRE purchase INCLUDING sales items!  My list is huge!!!!! LOL  Hopefully I'll be well enough that my mom (who is taking care of me right now - hubby and son are hunting) and I can make the hour drive to the nearest store for a little fun.  Any physical activity is really tiring.

No, I didn't have radical surgery, just four levels of nerves killed in the left side of my neck. Those nerves affect my entire head and neck, shoulder to shoulder, and down both arms to my fingertips.  Therefore the pain of typing.  I also have a bad vertebrae in my back causing a pinched nerve, therefore the trouble in walking.  The procedure was invasive, though short and of an outpatient nature, so I have to watch how much I lift and do.  My husband and mother both will not let me drive and fuss if I'm the computer too much!  I also had a  minor reaction to what they think is steroids they gave me to help with the swelling or possibly the anesthesia.  I've been itching compulsively for two days!

Anyhow, again, have a Happy Thanksgiving.



  1. Hope your Turkey Day is wonderful!!!!! Hope the weather is great!!! My daughter lives on Grande Isle, she wont be home until after Christmas.
    Hope the iching goes away, and the healing is speedy!!!
    Many Hugs,

  2. Dear Marilyn~
    I do hope you will be feeling better soon! Thank you so much for coming over to visit my Blog and entering my Giveaway :)

    Make sure to take care of yourself and have a lovely Thanksgiving.