Friday, November 20, 2009

Happy VBF

If I remember correctly, this is the last Vintage Black Friday.  So, I thought I would share some of my recent finds.  These are old postcards.  If you click on them, you will get a full sized image you can save.

Aren't these two little girls so cute?  The postcard came tinted & I think the colors work perfectly.

These hats are just out of sight.  Love the outfits

Men's clothing hasn't changed that much over the years, so I normally don't purchase pictures or postcards with men on them, but these came as part of the group and they do look nice.

How about these two ladies.  Notice the sailor collar.

Sorry for the quality.  Mom just sent this from her camera-phone.  She will be bidding on it for me.

I just thought WOW, this fits in PERFECT with VBF.

Please feel free to download the postcard pictures and use them for your own purposes.  HOWEVER, I ask that you don't sell them or include them on a CD for sale.  You may alter them, or use them as part of a collage, etc., & then sell them as your own.  Please feel free share them with whoever has a use for them.

Thank you and have a great Vintage Black Friday.  Hope you enjoyed your visit to my blog.



  1. I love your old postcards. All of them are fabulous!! Thanks for stopping by. Happy VBF...julie

  2. I love these old postcards. They are so beautiful. Happy VBF!

  3. Hi Happy VBF

    Such great stuff!!! Love the photo album goodies. Thank you for stopping by!

    Have a great weekend


  4. These postcards are great ... weren't the outfits something? I see a few sailor collars, I think? I agree guys fashion doesn't change much over the years and if it did I sure didn't notice!

    p.s NEXT week is the last VBF ; )

  5. Pretty cards, enjoy your machine!

  6. Oh my gosh...I remember my mom sewing on that vary type of machine. My favorite were the Christmas stockings she made for us, when we were little kids. I would watch each day in anticipation...waiting to see mine completed. She even created letters (no templates back then) which spelled out our nicknames for each one.
    The funniest is at Christmas when my mom and Pop had filled them with loose hard candies, becoming sticky, therefor stuck to the inside of our stockings. I was picking felt bits off my candy all day, but I wasn't about to forgo hard Christmas candy for a little fur bits, lol.
    Thanks for reminding me of that precious memory and the adorable clip art.

    Sweet Holiday Wishes,