Thursday, November 12, 2009

New Auction Wins and Other News

Well, first the good news.  I've had some really lucky auction wins recently, and here are the latest two, handcrafted by Granny Rat.  They are SOOOOO cute, but SOOOO bad!

First, this little guy is entitled "Your Stuck, No Kidding".  Granny Rat had this little blurb to go with it:  Well, yes, I can see you're stuck. For the life of me, I CANNOT see why you would even go in that little vase. Oh, well, of course, you thought you could just go ALL the way through. Did you give NO thought at all to the fact that your head is smaller than your butt? No, I guess you didn't. I had in mind to put a wee tiny scene inside that one could view from the wee opening. You've ruined THAT idea now. Oh good grief, don't cry. I'm not going to leave you in there. I'll just pour a little oil over you and you should pop right out. (then I'll fry you) Oh just stop with the tears - you know I won't do that either.  Life with Dragons is such a joy.

And for the second one:

Entitled: "Dragon in a Circle (circular bottle that is)"  Granny Rat had this little blurb to go with it:  Should you have a Wizard with a work table, this little piece would be a nice gift for him. OK, so maybe a troublesome gift, but one that will give him endless amounts of pleasure. Then again, maybe not. Shall we say then, if you have a troublesome old Wizard who deserves exactly what he gets, then this gift is surely just right for him.  Our little Dragon has gotten himself inside the hole of a circular bottle. Oh, he's not like the one I showed you stuck in that vase. He can most certainly get himself out if he wants to. It's just that he doesn't really want to. It would seem that he's also spilled a jug of something all over the tile his bottle is sitting on. I see no smoke as yet, so we must assume it's not flammable.  Oh yes, this would make a most perfect gift for your old Wiz.

Isn't Granny Rat (aka Jane Ratcliffe) SO WONDERFUL!!!! Not only does she bring wonderful little creatures to life that bring a smile to your face to just look at, she writes the most AMUSING stories to go with them!!!!

I love her work and already have my eye on TWO more of her creations.  Anything that brings such a smile to me just to think about is priceless.

Now, a little bad news......some of you know that I have chronic pain problems related to pinched nerves in my neck and back.  Well, I have to have the nerves in my neck re-burned as the doctor told me this afternoon that only a partial burn occured.  It's kind of a slight hit versus a bulls-eye when it comes to burning nerves.  If next week's procedure doesn't work, I'll be facing surgery.  However, considering the extreme pain I'm in and have been in (even though I am taking pain meds), surgery is looking better every day.  I'm 41 and have no intention of being in constant pain.  Plus, I can't create!!!!  That is the WORST part of all of this.  So many ideas.....

Oh well....enough about me.  Check out Granny Rat's Etsy site by clicking on her name and have a grin for the day.  Oh, and she also has some listed on  Items #1103918785, 1103918810, & 1103918828.  But be warned, I LOVE the snowman warming his buns.....LOL.

Well, that's it for me for tonight.  Join me tomorrow for VBF - Vintage Black Friday!


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