Friday, May 27, 2011

Do Rent or Not to Rent - That is the Question!

Okay, so I possibly, potentially, have an opportunity that I didn't expect for another 15 years or so.  And, of course, I'm in a quandry over it.

There is a new antiques store down the road from my house.  Three miles away or so.  Not a great location for such a business, but it's a busy road and should attract a lot of people who just see it and pull in (like I did).  It's been open a month.  Currently, all booths are rented, but there is a possibility one or two will be opening up for rental.  One doesn't even have enough stock to cover the rent on the booth (actually a great enclosed room) and the other is huge and used by the owner who is thinking about splitting a section off and renting it. 

My delimma?  I'M TERRIFIED!  I've Etsied with my Mom and done okay.  Not getting rich, but helping to support our "junkin'" habit.  I've been making contacts all over the place for different items and doing quite well selling outright to specialty store owners.  But renting my own booth.  AAARRGGHHH!

Mom is behind me.  Hubby is behind me on this too (though somewhat reluctantly).  Son is all for it.  But what if I can't sell anything and make the rent?  What if I flop?  What if I'm a horrible failure.  Then I get to slink home and hear "I told you so" and then feel like punching the first person that tells me that.  But on the other hand, what if I succeed?  What if I make enough to cover rent and then some?  I'm not looking to get rich, just try and move some of the stuff Mom and I have that is too heavy or big to sell on Etsy because of shipping issues. 

However, one fact is true.  I will never know IF I DON'T TRY!  So, I've told them to give me a call when one of the smaller booths that is capable of holding smaller furniture items becomes available because I think I want it.  I can stock it to the gills in a weekend.  Finding shelving?  No problem.  Yard sales, estate sales, Craigs List, dumpsters (yes, you would be surprised what people throw away), etc.  I'm not above that.  I grew up poor and was taught how to be frugal.

So, I quess my next step is to talk to the credit union loan manager about getting a small business loan and setting up a DBA with a vendor # and tax ID.  Please  wish me luck.  This scares me more than you can EVER realize.

Life is a mirror - If you frown at it, it frowns back; If you smile at it, it returns the greeting.

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  1. You will do great. I used to sell at a co-op with my Mother too and enjoyed it so much. Make sure you have a little space for a curio cabinet so you can sell some small pieces from it. It was surprising how much of our rent for our space was made from the smaller items in our locked case! Good luck! It will be a wonderful adventure.