Tuesday, May 17, 2011

I'm BAAAAACCCCKKKKKK! Well, at least until the next illness lays me flat!

So, what have I been up to for months?  Absolutely nothing but working and being sick!  I had back surgery in November to fix one herniated/calcified disc and one bulging disc & now have a slightly damaged nerve.  Then, a three-month long sinus infection hit, followed by a reoccurrence of my vertigo which has resulted in me falling flat on my still healing back several times, and now, another sinus infection.  Also, they discovered I need four allergy shots a week.  Yeah, it's been a miserable few months.  Did a mention the migraines?  Oh, and the CT Scan I need of my sinuses to make sure nothing's wrong up there!  :(

Hopefully though, things are beginning to look up.  While I'm not back to any hobbies (like mini dolls or altered tags), I am back to attending estate sales and am heading to a Miniature Show and Sale in New Orleans this weekend.  Also, since one of my doctor's (I'll let you guess which) basically ordered me to find a way to socialize and make friends, I'm looking into joining a local Art Association.  I may be a serious person, but I do have a small artistic streak running through me.  Now, hubby agrees with doc, but let's see when push comes to shove if he can give up the "I need you to do me a favor" or "I need you to do this or that for me real quick" when I have something I need to do for the association.  Okay ladies, we know men talk the talk, but a lot can't walk the walk, no matter how much they say they love us.

So while I'm bumming around New Orleans at estate sales and trying to make friends in Gonzales (like after 15 years without any it will be easy - Ha!), hubby and son will be fishing.  We got son a well-used aluminium boat for his birthday.  He loves it and wants to fish every weekend, so he and his dad or he and a friend cruise around all the canals around the house terrorizing the bass, bream, and catfish.  Course, when they get home, it's "where's supper?"  Typical male yada-yada-yada.  I guess after 23 years of marriage I can gripe all I want. LOL - my fault I love the lug.

Anyways, I'll be posting more shortly.  There is a dilemma I've faced or should say I have a difference of opinion with some other auction go-ers or estate sale go-ers concerning old items.  I'm going to discuss my side of the topic and if I still have any followers out there, I would REALLY, TRULY love to hear what you think on the subject.  Right now, I've got to figure out how to get rid of a migraine without taking any more migraine medicine (I'm running low).  Back in as day or two with more.

Until later........


  1. I'm still following you and it has been a while! That sounds like a tough surgery you went thru, hopefully you're all mended up! Nice to see you back:)

  2. So sorry you've been dealing with so much!!! I'd love to hear about your estate sale journeys. We don't have (m)any where I live so I'll have to live vicariously through you!!