Sunday, May 29, 2011

Update - Rent or Not to Rent

Well, this was kind of decided by itself.  While I'm not renting the tiny space I was offered (the owner put some stuff in there and it's just too crowded and looks ugh), I am going to rent the first available space that's around $100 - $125.  Mom just started putting stuff aside and buying for a booth, so it just happened.  I'm working on getting the license and stuff I need to proceed and my credit union is waiting on me to do that so I can set up a business account and get a business visa to use (which also tracks spending easier).

I believe God took it out of my hands and answered my prayers.  When things just happen like that, well, HE has done things HIS way.  Remember, we may ask and he answers, but never how we expect.  That's my firm belief.  I've seen it happen in my life way too much not to believe.

Please pray for me!  I need it!!!!!


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