Saturday, September 24, 2011

ATCs/ACEOs, Tags, & Inchies – This Inquiring Mind Wants to Know

I have a dilemma (make that dilemmas).  I can’t decide what type of paper to use in making my ATC/ACEO cards.  Do I use Bright White Inkjet or Cardstock.  Maybe Satin Inkjet Photo Paper or Glossy.

HOW DO I DECIDE!  I’m going nuts here folks. 

Okay, I tried the photo paper, both satin & glossy and liked it.  But not the entire card made from it.

I tried Bright White Inkjet paper and like it.  But not the entire card made from it.

How to decide when to use what paper??????  Okay, so I’m not the best ATC card designer out there.  I’m new at it.  Frankly, I think I stink at it.

Here’s one I sent as part of a One-on-One Swap.  This is entirely printed on Bright White Inkjet Paper, sprayed with Matte Fixative.  I found the little spider somewhere and added a red stick-on gem.

Halloween ATC 

One of my better ideas – I must have been “on” that day.  Nothing fancy, but it’s okay.

Sooooooo, that’s ONE dilemma.  What paper and when to use.  I’m not EVEN going to get into the subject of color enhancement with inks, chalks, watercolors, etc. 

Here’s another…….How in the world do you  keep ALL your embellishments, vintage papers, collage sheets, odds and ends, etc., handy, ready to use, and easy to find, especially when you’ve got enough to start your own craft shop (okay, a LITTLE over exaggeration there, but not much)?  I have it “organized” into boxes, bins, folders, sleeves, etc., but can never seem to get everything into one spot.  Oh yeah, we aren’t EVEN going to discuss the stamps, inks, and embossing powders that can be used.  Let’s stick to the simple stuff.  Oh, and remember the stick-on gem mentioned earlier.  Yeah, those are new.  I can’t find my 8 other packages that I have stored somewhere in my nightmare of a studio.

Moving along…..this also applies to Tags and Inchies.  Here is an example of my latest tags:

Ancient Cities 1Ancient Cities 2Ancient Cities 3

These were for an Ancient Cities Swap on Roses on My Table – nothing fancy, definitely and “off” day.

Halloween Tags Three        Halloween Time TagHalloween Vampire Blood Tag        Halloween Witch Tag

These are currently for sale in my Etsy shop. (okay, shameless plug).  Believe it or not, these were made by mistake.  Long story, but let’s say pain killers and reasonable, cognitive thinking do not go hand-in-hand (I just had a lower back fusion). 

Okay, I SERIOUSLY lucked out here.  My brain was functioning and I had things on hand.  Plus, all images with the exception of the bats (which are die punched) were printed on regular Bright White Inkjet Paper and then sprayed with Matte Fixative to keep the colors from bleeding.  These actually turned out halfway decent.  A little fiber, a little Stickles, some mini gems (the ones I could find), a little Tim Holtz ink……….a voila! Tags.

Only way I pulled these together was the stuff was literally staring me in the face.  Yeah, sitting on the ONE work surface out of FOUR that I can get to & use.

So you will understand, my studio on a GOOD day:

Photo0068  One unusable work surface 

Photo0069 Another unusable work surface – can’t see the work top, but believe me, it’s crammed.

Photo0070 The left side of the work surface I use (the last one isn’t in any photos – I can barely find room to put my laptop on it).

Photo0071  Shelves to the right that you can’t see are stuffed full – most are labeled but I can hardly get to them if at all.

Photo0072  My toolbox with some of my stamps and inks sitting on the shelf above it.


Yes, I’m lucky.  I have plenty of stuff and yes, I share what I have generously.  Most comes from estate auctions so there is some age to them which is also nice (think vintage LOL).  But it would be nice to be able to remember what I have and find everything.  Did I mention this studio also holds my miniature hobby kits, furnishings, tools, supplies, etc.?  And all my molds (for use with clay and Li-qua-che), and some doll-making stuff and stuff for my Etsy store and my brick and mortar antique store space.  We are talking multi-use stuff here.

Enough rambling.  Back to my original subject.  How do I decide 1)  what type of paper to use, when to use it, and 2)  how can I ensure I know where my multitude of embellishments, papers, clipart, etc., are so I can put my hands on them when I need them.  The bad artwork I’ll just have to work at. LOL

ANY ideas, suggestions, etc, as to type of paper and method of organization would be SOOOOOOO appreciated.   I have commitments to make Tags, ATCs, and Inchies until mid-December.   Also, I really want to get into making ACEOs & Tags to sell at the Art Center where I’m a member.  Then, I would like to get into altered postcards and journal pages. 

I seriously need some direction here.  Maybe I need to hire a professional organizer.  Wonder if there are any out there that organize studios? 

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