Friday, September 16, 2011

Update on Space in Antique Store

Well, it’s been awhile.   My back decided it needed to be fused, so I’ve been recovering from that. 

However, right after I got my first shelf unit rented, another one came up.  Of course I jumped right on it.  This new one is closer to the front of the store and the checkout counter, so I’m using it to sell vintage jewelry.

Now, these pictures aren’t too good, but they give an idea of my new space.  I think I’ve sold more off of it than the first shelf.

New Shelf bottom front side A  Since I stocked it, I’ve been back several times to move items around and make it more pleasant.  If you notice, I wrapped the shelves in upholstery fabric to make it look more elegant.  New shelf bottom front side B  In addition to jewelry, I sell porcelain items (like the little Made in Occupied Japan figurines below), reverse painted pictures, and purses.New Shelf first front side A  The original shelf unit is still for all my “Junktique” items.  In fact, I haven’t been to the store in three weeks and I’m sure both shelves are in bad need of a freshening and restocking.  Luckily, before surgery, I tagged a bunch of stuff.  It’s hard to sit at the table I use to tag items (it’s actually my dining room table) .  All the bending to get them out of boxes and then placing in other boxes is rough on the back (& against doctor’s orders).         New Shelf first shelf back sideNew Shelf second front sideNew Shelf top back side

We are still hoping for floor space.  Mom and I both have so many larger items we need to sell plus a floor space would allow more shelf space too.  There is one lady who it thinking about giving up her space and I’m keeping my fingers crossed.  One end is a wall, so I would be able to hang pictures and mirrors that I have for sale.  Currently, the antique mirror I have at the shop for sale is laying flat on the floor, cushioned by material I laid down there.  Every bit of space gets utilized!

Well, off to work on some ATC cards.  I also need to think on whether or not to participate in a Journal Page swap and then I have to work on some Altered Tags for a Tag Swap.  That’s not to mention the items I need to list in my Etsy store (I re-opened and things I need to also make to sell in it.  Thank goodness I’m off work for another two weeks.  

Tomorrow, I’m going to try and get to Michael’s.  Since it’s the end of the week, the stuff that I wanted that was on 50% will probably all be gone.  I don’t want to make a painful 40 minute drive (on way) for nothing but I really need a few things.

The last month has flown by.  But, to top it off, it looks like I will be having carpal tunnel surgery in another week.  THAT will probably slow me down more than my back has.

Ah, such is life.  It’s good though.  The shelves are paying for themselves and then some and I’m hoping Etsy sales in all of Mom and my Etsy stores (we have four together & plus my personal one listed above) will increase the closer we get to Christmas.

Until later,

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