Saturday, February 4, 2012

Call for Miniature Donations–for a Worthy Cause

I received this message through my MiniDolls group.  Please read below for information on donating miniature items for a roombox to be placed at Kettering Medical Center for the enjoyment of all the patients.  Let’s help bring a little joy into the lives of serious ill patients.  Size is 1/12th Scale.
--------------------------------------------------------------------------------Lora is a lovely lady working on an act of kindness and generosity of her own.  She is creating an oversized room box for all the patients, old, young, tall or short, large and small to enjoy.  Did I mention Lora is battling Cancer and a patient at Kettering Medical Center herself ?  She is creating this room box to be displayed in the foyer of the hospital, to share with all the patients and visitors to  bring joy and smiles for all who pass.

The oversized roombox will feature two bakeries, one for adults, and one for children.  There will be Bistro tables and bakery counters.  Everything you would think of in a bakery, from baked goods  and coffee to an eccentric customer or two will be needed.

Would you contribute to this project, too?  My thoughts are baked goods, bad girls and boys, and a sweetheart or two.  Wouldn’t a small floral arrangement on the tables be nice?  Perhaps a dog, chasing a cat, chasing a mouse would bring a smile or a laugh.  What can you think of to bring a smile to the viewers? 

There is a deadline, July 15.  Please send your small (pun intended) contribution to Lora personally.  Her address: 

                       Lora Ruffner
                       1388 Berkshire Drive
                       Xenia, OH 45385

Here is a list of some of the items needed:

Bakery and Store Furnishings
*Silverware/Goldware and serving pieces, tongs, cake servers, spoons.
*Coffee/Latte Cups (& Mugs)
*Square & Rectangular Bakery Boards
*Bistro/Cafe Tables (3)
*Bistro-Style Chairs
*Shop/Bakery Bags.  We need at least 10 in either plain white, or pastel pink or pale green. They just need to be handmade, no writing required as we have sheets of the logos in stickers and rub on forms to add to the plain bags. 

Bakery Food Items
(No donuts please, we have plenty of these items.)
* CAKES (lots) triple layer, extra large, and sheet cakes. 
Birthday, Anniversary, Graduation
* MORE cupcakes
* Specialty items like Baklava, Éclairs, Cream Puffs, Cake Rolls, etc.
* And Holiday Specialties (Christmas, Thanksgiving, Halloween, Valentine’s Day, Easter, Mother’s Day, Father’s Day, July 4th, Memorial Day, Labor Day, Jewish Holidays, New Year, St. Patrick’s, other you can think of)

* Dolls (employees & patrons)
(All dolls are contemporary 1/12th scale porcelain or polymer clay.  No resin dolls, please.) 
We currently have a girl and a boy toddler for our children.
*Two more children
*An employee (male or female) for the children’s side
*Cashier (male or female)
* One or two more patrons (At least two created in sitting positions for bistro tables) 

Thank you all who decide to donate.  It will be greatly appreciated and is for a very worthy cause.

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