Sunday, March 4, 2012

Just A Little Altered Art

I haven’t posted some of my latest attempts at altering things, mainly because I haven’t been very pleased.  See, I ventured into uncharted waters.  That’s right, I altered things I’d never altered before.

What do you ask did I alter?  Tins!  Yes, two different types of tins.  First, I entered the Naughty Valentine Swap that was hosted by Alpha Stamps, where we used round tins with glass tops, and then I entered a Valentine Tin Swap on Roses on My Table where we used the equivalent of an Altoids tin.

Here are my Naughty Valentine tins.  It was really hard to get good  pictures.  They are not very big.


See, nothing to crow about.  Plus, it was all icky outside and I had to take pictures inside my studio so what little I did accomplish is hard to see.

Next were the Valentine tins for Roses:

OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERA           Here, I was a little plain.OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERA  I kept it neat and tidy

This one, my husband called, and I quote, “GROSS”.  Yes, the graphic representation of  holding a heart was just awful to him.

Tons and tons of work (& lots of hours) went into these tins and I just never really felt like it was clicking.  I’ve been suffering from mild artistic block recently (probably due to the fact I’m once again on pain pills for my back problem - Lortab & creativity do not mix), but these are just awful.  I hope my swap partners aren’t too upset when they receive these.

I just finished up six ATCs for a swap on Roses where the theme was Favorite Artist.  Word to the wise; DO NOT chose Salvador Dali as your favorite artist and attempt to make ATCs.  Wait until you see these.  Talk about hitting a brick wall and then just standing there banging your head against it.  Pictures in all their awfulness will be coming soon LOL.

Also, I’m almost finished with tags for a Lights, Camera, Action Tag swap on Roses.  I had one tag that just didn’t seem “finished” to me and today I finally figured out what to do.  Amazing considering the block continues.

Now, on to try and finish up my Altered Box swap whose theme is Housewives.  TOTAL BLOCKAGE there and to make it worse, I’m the HOSTESS for the swap. 

Until Later……………………….

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