Wednesday, April 4, 2012

To Buy or Not To Buy

Okay folks.  BIG dilemma here. (aka Hobby Builders Supply) and Greenleaf Dollhouses are BOTH having their annual contests to see who can create the best dollhouse with their specific products. has this as their base piece for their “Creatin’ Contest”:

Townhouse2 Townhouse1
Price, $29.99 plus shipping. 

Greenleaf Dollhouses has this as their base piece for their “Spring Fling 2012” contest:

Base3 Base1 Base2
Price, $18.95 INCLUDING shipping.

So the dilemma.  I already have multiple UFOs around my house, including some past Creatin’ Contest kits from still in their boxes.

BUT, both of these new kits are SCREAMING my name.  “Buy me, oh please buy me, you’ll never regret it”.  And the prices are soooooo right.  The kid side of me is saying “What’s a little money huh?  Can’t take it with you…….Hmmmm, maybe if I put it here until I can get to it, hubby will never know……..Oh, I’ll definitely do it during (insert month)……..Oh, heck, who cares, just buy it!”

Then, there’s the responsible side of me saying, “You said NO MORE KITS until you finish all the ones you have.  Don’t forget, you have three stashed in the corner of the dining room, several in the attic not to mention two in the spare bedroom and one in your studio.  Oh, and don’t forget the one in the spare closet!”

Then, I have several other items also begging for my attention (items for Alpha Stamps The Romance of Perfume Fan Swap comes to mind as does Prima flowers, and items from Fancifuls, Inc) that I need for the arty side of me.  I feel like playing tug of war and I’m the rope!  Buy ME, no buy ME, hey how about ME!

Sooooo, do I or don’t I?  And if so, which one?  Or both? 

WAAAAAHHHHHHH, why can’t I just be independently wealthy and buy it all??????????  Sniffle~

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  1. Your blog brought smiles to my face. I find your confusion so cute - the child in everyone. :)

    If you got enough cash to spare for at least one of these items, then I suggest you buy the cheaper one. At least to satisfy your craving without much guilt for buying two while you have lots of them and other responsibilities too. :)


    p.s. I found you through Lori's blog at bleak2unique. I'm your newest linky follower! if you want you can linky follow me back at :)

  2. What's one more, right? They're small