Saturday, June 2, 2012

Magic is in the Air ATC–Steampunk Style

I’ve recently started participating in swaps over on the Blissfull ATC Swaps blog.  They’ve had some really cool themes lately and this month’s was no exception.

May’s theme was “Magic is in the Air”.  Okay, I have to admit to something REALLY embarrassing.  For a week or so, I actually thought the theme was “Music is in the Air” and had planned an ATC around that theme.  However, something made me double-check and DUH (face-palm) I had it wrong.  Time to rethink everything.

A day or so later, while cruising down the internet highway, I came across the Olde Curiosity Shoppe blog, one of my favorites (you’ve really GOT to go check it out).  Well, wouldn’t you know, she had the PERFECT picture for me to use.


I thought the tarot card image was cool, fit the theme, but was at a total loss as to how to proceed.  So, I whipped out my two Creative Memories PCP binders and started digging through all my stickers and embellishments.  The above is what I came up with.  It’s a mixture of Prima, German scrap, a rubon I made myself, and Jolee’s (love their new Steampunk borders!).  It’s really hard to tell, but anything that is colored is a shade of purple (even the background… camera and lights turned it bluish).

Yes, total departure from my usual.  I have never, ever done anything remotely close to a Steampunk-style card so image my surprise when this emerged from beneath my fingers.

Total LOVE!  I’ve hear that Amy Yingling, my swap partner, loves it as much as I do!

Until later………………………….

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  1. I bet your swap partner will LOVE this!! :D I adore your style, your projects never cease to amaze and inspire me! <3 ~A