Thursday, October 22, 2009

FINALLY & Latest Project

Well, I finally like the look of my blog, at least for the time being.  Quite, serene, not at ALL like me.  I'm pretty spastic most of the time and have two speeds - stop & go. 

Here is my latest project.  Not much as been accomplished other than I have redone the walls since this picture was taken.  It's to be a sunroom/conservatory/quiet nook.  As you see, right now, it could be anything.

The pretty rose paper is actually scrapbooking paper.  I found the part of the design I liked and then trimmed around it.  The detail in the front (black and gold) are from a placement I got at the Dollar Tree.  The floor is a piece of scrapbook paper that looked marblized but I'm not sure it's staying there.  It looks kinda fake right now, so I'm working out what I want to do with it.  I purchased some mosaic tile at Michaels and may use them.

As you can see here, the wall is currently painted.  I didn't like the way it looked, so I have printed off a pretty rose colored paper that I made in Microsoft Word.  I have sprayed it with Matte Acrylic Sealer, but need to do so again.  The problem with Ink Jets is the ink has a tendancy to run horribly when wet.   Ask me how I know!
The back piece of wood was slightly warped, so this little roombox isn't square.  Therefore, I can't put the top on it that was meant for it, so I'm fiddling around with how to add a top without showing how badly this thing is out of square.  I can also tell in the above picture there is a place that need a good gluing and clamping.  It doesn't look that bad in RL, but in pictures, man is it noticeable.

And yes, I realize that I need to give the illusion of a door.  Working that out too.  There will be plexiglass in the three openings; it will be placed there after I put molding around the windows.  This is the first roombox I have attempted in 5 or 6 years, so please don't laugh.  Well, okay, laugh!  I DID. 

I have found a wonderful piece of pottery that would be perfect to put a tree in.  Now, just to find instructions on how to make a tree!  I know the basics of paper flower making, but havent' made put one little funky tree way back.  So, if anyone knows how I could make a WONDERFUL tree, please let me know.

My goal (everyone needs one) right now is to get this finished and up in my Etsy store.  Also, I need to get back to work on my sculpting.  Would you believe I actually have ideas for those horrors that came out of my clay?

Back to work as I hear the boss coming.  Later Ya'll

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