Tuesday, October 20, 2009

Patricia Rose Workshop

I enjoyed a great weekend in Tampa.  Patricia Rose (http://www.patriciarosestudio.com/) held a sculpting workshop for ten people at the Doubletree Suites located right on Tampa Bay.  Ten really lucky people got a chance to learn from one of the immiment doll artists around (to my way of thinking). 

It was a very informative and very intense.  Of course, always being the "odd one out" I was the ONLY person that had never worked with clay - we don't count my Play-do days as a youngster.

Here are some of her dolls

Beautiful, right?
Gorgeous, right?

Now, here are mine:
ACK-Needs help

What alien life forms are these!

As you can see, I need major practice!  But, everyone was nice, I now have new friends, and it was a really wonderful experience.  And for once, I didn't need medicinal help in order to board a plane! 
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  1. The lower right one looks great! You did great job for just starting out! My first few heads looked worse than these. way worse! LOL. It was so nice to meet you and I really had fun!