Friday, October 30, 2009

Vintage Black Friday

Well, I've been under the weather, so I'm a little behind with posting - I was shooting for one post a day, and I still have some mini finds on Ebay to share with everyone. 

But in honor of Vintage Black Friday, I'm popping up out of my hole and sharing some vintage black and white photos that I've found on the web.  Now, I collect tintypes & cabinet photos as I feel the need to preserve a little bit of history so wish these were mine.

Can you imagine having to wear something like this in the summer time? I think I would positively melt in the heat of the South.

This looks to have been taken in the winter time, or at least in the North.

Look at all the layers!

Don't let these drab black and white photos fool you.  Most of the clothing was very colorful, just color photography had yet to be invented. 

I like to use photos such as these for inspiration.  I really wish I had time to take a few photos of some of the pictures (tin types & cabinet photos) that I have.  I collect cute or quicky ones. 

Oh. here is something of mine.  It's a vintage thermometer - in black of course!Definitely seen better days.

Well, please check out Gypsy Brocante , 52 Flea , & the other sites (linked on Gypsy Brocante) participating in Vintage Black Friday. 

Until later!


  1. WOW....can you imagine having to sit down with all of that billowing goodness around your bottom half!! Great temperature gage!! Happy VBF!! xOxO Nerina :)

  2. Great cabinet cards! and I've never seen a thermometer quite like that one, so interesting. Have a great weekend!

  3. Love the old thermometer. What a great piece. Hope you feel better soon. Happy VBF

  4. I often wonder how those ladies survived in all those layers - in humid, hot weather!!! Definitely glad that is a thing of the past - I had to wear all of that in my acting days - let me tell you, it is not fun under those hot stage lights! Happy VBF!

  5. Love that thermometer!


  6. love the photos! At least they were warm in the winter..hee heee
    {{gypsy hugs}}

  7. I love to look at the fashions of the past, very beautiful ... but, no, I could not imagine actually wearing them ... I'd probably be locked up for indecent exposure because I would be ripping those buttons off and stripping!!

    Happy VBF!