Sunday, December 6, 2009

I'm Feeling Lucky! LOL

I won again!  This is just too good to be true and I am so very grateful. 

This time I won a giveaway from Vintage Patina - she had a great Newspaper Stamp Giveaway as a thank you to her followers and blogger friends.  Today was one of the more painful days for me - can't wait until the doctor burns the nerve in my back so I can stand up straight and not limp.  Then came the email from Mary that I won her wonderful giveaway and my day got brighter.

This is the stamp I chose: 

It was really a hard choice!  Both stamps (she had two to choose from) were ones anyone would want for their collection, whether or not they are a stamper (I'm just getting started but love unique vintage items).  To top it off, this was the very first time I had seen a stamp such as this.  It will definitely have a place of honor in my collection.

Mary, thank you so very much!  And followers, if you really want to check out a great blog, run on over to Vintage Patina and have a visit.



  1. Oh congrats on the win, what a weekend huh? You need to go buy a lottery ticket girl your on a role.

    Have a wonderful week ahead,


  2. I need the lottery numbers if you don't You are one blessed lady. Congrats!!!

  3. Marilyn, you are truly on a roll! Congrats sweetie! I love the stamp.


  4. Wow, you're on a winning streak. Hope your back is on one, too. Sounds painful. I'm sorry for that.

  5. You are on a streak! Great vintage stamp. Blessings!

  6. marilyn - i mailed your stamp out thursday night...please let me know if you don't get it early next week:) happy holidays to you...