Friday, December 11, 2009

Postcard Friday

This is the first Friday I've participated, and darn it, almost forgot!

Just recently, I rediscovered my love of old postcards and in the process, found some the were actual photographs.  I didn't know these existed and have been trying to add them to my collection along with the normal postcard greetings.  Personally, postcards showing places just don't appeal to me.  Greetings, odd photos, cartoons, and people are what appeal to me on a postcard.

Today, I'm sharing one that I just purchased.  Very seldom can you get an actual piece of history, signed and dated, thereby having proof of its providence, all for a whopping 41 cents!

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  1. fabulous picture. I also love that the address information is so minimal, but you can be sure the card got there anyway. Those wonderful postmen!

  2. Wonderful picture postcard... I love seeing the addresses they used a hundred years ago... you wonder how they ever found their way.