Wednesday, May 16, 2012

Stopped in my Tracks

I’m having one of THOSE days.  You know, the kind where you want to do something, but as soon as you approach that “something” you entire body goes into shut-down mode? 

Well, the other day, I thought I would tackle my little work-room in the house.  I was used for my doll-making but now it’s become a catch-all for swaps and “finds”.  Here’s a picture:

Scary isn’t it?

NOW can you see when I walk in  squeeze my body through the door it screams “GET ME OUT, GET ME OUT”?  Some of the stuff needs to go outside to my studio, a LOT of it needs to be filed away in binders (all those lovely ATCs), and the rest needs to be put away in the work room itself. 


This is one of two rooms that have me stymied.  I cleaned up the dining room and my studio, but for some reason, this 5’ x 6’ space terrifies me (as does the 10’ x 10’ spare bedroom I need to clean).  It’s almost like I’m afraid the room will eat me alive.  Now, we all know rooms don’t eat people, but what if the Black Hole of Calcutta opens up?  HMMM?  (BTW the Black Hole of Calcutta is what I call the place things disappear to, never to be seen again).

I’m beginning to think I need to take a week off work to tackle these two rooms (along with a few other projects).  Pull EVERYTHING out and systematically sort and place it.  Now the week off is no problem; I have plenty of leave.  The timing is the key.  I’m approaching a time of year when work gets really busy trying to close out a fiscal year and start a new one.  Also, if I take a week off at the wrong time, I’ll be hit by “why don’t you go to such & such with us since you’re off”, us being hubby and son (who will want me to go with them and sit around twiddling my thumbs in a motel room while they fish).  The “um no, I took this week off to sort my room” wouldn’t fly. 

So, until I get that week off or just “woman-up” on a Saturday or Sunday and tackle that room, it’ll remain one of the scariest places I’ve ever seen.

Until later……………………..

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  1. Yeah, my Abyss gets like that from time to time.I remember I took a weekend and pulled everything out (which mostly meant cluttering up the rest of the house) and organized as I put it back in. Maybe just tackle the desk one day? And the floor another? And then a shelf or two the next? Breaking it up into chunks might make the task not seem so scary.

  2. MARILYN!!!! You are my new BEST FRIEND!!!! I feel so much better now that I know I'm not the only one!!! I wish I had a room like that! I share my scrap space with my 2 year old (yup- that's the problem right there) and have to "clean up" to have her stay safe but I just put everything in piles on top of my desk and in boxes under the desk- if I had more space I would just have more piles. I have a tiny 12 by 12 area I try to leave open for work- but I've been avoiding putting stuff away- it takes so long!! I do it every 6 months or so and always find stuff I want to play with- shopping in my own stash. I don't blame you one bit for wanting to actually work and not clean- if that's what's happening- I do the same thing. I wish I could swing by and help you out- I bet I could learn all kinds of new techniques just helping put stuff away!