Saturday, December 26, 2015

Friendship Journal Page for Technique Junkies

Good morning fellow Junkies!  I've created a journal page for you today using one of the great background stamps Technique Junkies carries.  In this case, I turned it into my focal point.

1)  Spray your journal page with Art Anthology Salted Caramel Colorations.  Blot well then spray with Barbie Colorations.  This page had some overspray from another one I did and I think it looks just fine (colors oversprayed were Peacock Feathers and Wild Orchid).
2)  Stamp Peonies in black ink.
3)  Using a heavy hand, highlight areas of the flowers with Art Anthology Ferrari Sorbet.  You want to follow the contours set by the stamped image.
4)  Using a black art pencil, definte the outline of the stamped image.  Smudge slightly.
5)  Stencil around the image using Gold Metal Effects and the Blocked Stencil.
6)  Using a black art pencil, darken the shaded areas of the Peonies to better define the flower.
7)  Mix a little Matte Gel Medium with Minnie Pearl Prills and "paint" onto the page.
8)  Add "FRIENDSHIP" at the bottom (from a vellum quote), and a burlap butterly (mine was colored with Gold Dust, Indulgence, and Stargazer Minx, a new product not currently released).

I hope you had a Merry Christmas and I wish you a HAPPY NEW YEAR!

Until later..........


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