Sunday, February 28, 2010

Look What I Just Couldn’t Pass Up

Okay, HBS, otherwise known as, is having an awesome three-day sale.  50% off any dollhouse.  Well, I just couldn’t pass up a deal like that.  However, I ordered more than one!  The entire order cost me less than $50.

Adams1 Adams2

The Adams Dollhouse.  Will make a great roombox.  I may remove the railing (can’t stand railings) and just leave the two support posts on the end.  Will make a great General Store.

Houseboat and Bus Houseboat and Bus2

These came as a set.  Do not ask me what in the world I’m going to do with the bus, but it was practically free, so why not?  I love the houseboat and am going to look on their website for ideas.  There are a lot of those down here that people use for weekend camps.  Just float them right on Blind River with slides going right into the water.  Course one time, I saw an alligator sunning himself on it!  Hey, that’s an idea!!!! An old, rundown houseboat with an alligator in residence.  I love it!

Travel Trailer Travel Trailer2

And last but not least, a Travel Trailer!  I already have the perfect doll for this, from a contest on the MiniDollList web site last summer.  I also have the complete story to go with it to!

So see, I still have my hand in miniatures.  I just kind of bounce back and forth between all the artistic loves in my life.  Currently, beside these (& some on-going roomboxes) I feel the call of the dolls.  I can’t look at a doll, art or otherwise, without the tug.  So, I may have to pull out my clay and my Patricia Rose molds (well the few I have inside) next week and get after it.  When something tugs that hard for that long, you just HAVE to do it.  Yes, I can do something like that.  I have hot hands and it takes very little kneading on my part to get the clay to where it needs to be.  Especially the fresh ProSculpt I have.  Then it’s just a matter of pressing it into the mold and then doing some cleanup and detailing – all my tools are inside.  I have a brand new, never used digital toaster oven specifically for baking clay.  My mom is going to be here to take me to the doctor, so she can take it outside, plug it in, and cook my doll for me.  If I get something done, I will post it here.

And I haven’t forgotten.  I still have to find that stupid stamp set I’m missing so I can have my giveaway.  I’m already compiling some items, but the stamp set by Cavallini is the big prize.  ARRRGGG where is it!

Oh, and don’t forget I am taking pre-order for Flea Market Style. I’ve read my copy from cover to cover and LOVE it. So many great ideas for RL and minis.

Until later…………………………………..



  1. What a cute project.

    I see you are interested in the postcard exchange. Please email me so we can trade info.

  2. I love the trailer! That is soooo cool!

  3. I have the bus too- I'm making mine into a "manly" camper/house for a bear. I can't wait to see what you decide to do with yours!

  4. Hi Marilyn, thanks for coming by and entering the give back, also for putting me on your side bar. Have a great week!

  5. I just adore miniatures and dollhouses, I would have an absolute blast with your finds! Please let us see the finished result!

    Thank you SO much for your prayers. :-)

    Have a wonderful week!

  6. I have always loved dollhouses and wish I had the space to build and collect them! Of course, in my home, a Tsunami of Legendary proportions would literally hit and the town would never be the same!

    However, you probably don't have two wild Maine Coons waiting to claim squatter's rights on your creations, so I am looking forward to the finished results!

    Ramona :-)