Tuesday, February 2, 2010

We, I Hate to TOOT My Own Horn But.......

You know you haven't done much when all you have to blog about is what you have for sale! 

As I prepare for surgery, I'm straightening up my mini-studio, plan to get outside to my bigger studio to clean it up, and basically finishing up a few projects. 

While doing all of this (yes, with plenty breaks in-between, my blood pressure has decided to go up along with the pain - YUK) I have run across a few miniature things I no longer need.  I've put two items up on MOA (Miniatures Only Auction).  First is the The Primrose by Corona and secondly is The Down Home Dining Room Kit by Corona.

Then, I listed a OOAK Miniature Corset I made for a contest (yep, it placed).  Would be perfect for a ladies boutique or lingerie store or maybe in the bedroom of a Lady of Ill Repute!  It's up on my TarnishedRose Etsy store:  Miniature Red Corset

I have other items listed on my three stores:  MSEsoteria.Etsy.com ; GhostlyTreasures.Etsy.com ; TarnishedRose.Etsy.com .  I've been to a couple of estate auctions lately and Mom and I have picked up quite a few unique items.  TarnishedRose is my personal store.  The other two I share with my mom.

Why, you may ask, three stores?  Well, there are actually FOUR, but we haven't opened the other one yet.  And there is a possibilty of TWO more stores.  See, we are trying to have different stores specializing in certain items.  MSEsoteria is out flagship store and I would classify it as an interesting mix of "junktique" and antiques.  Very neat, interesting store, and really no junk.  GhostlyTreasures is for the more "upscale" items, even though most of the prices are "down home" LOL.  TarnishedRose is for the items I handmake or find on my own.  Now, we will have one for beads, sewing items, and other "sundries" just as soon as I get around to creating the banner.  The other two we need is one for patterns (we have lots) and one for records (Mom has TONS).

Tough to manage all this?  Not for me (I do stuff like this for a living), but I think I confuse Mom sometimes.  She can't even pronounce the name of the first store, with is a play on her name and my name and what the store carries.  Is it fun?  Oh Yeah!

Until Later......................


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