Tuesday, February 23, 2010

Thank You Everyone!!!!

I was the runner up over at Mind Wide Open for their February Challenge. YIPPEE  HOORAY WOO HOO!    Here was my entry:


When I saw the original picture, I was reminded of The Thinker, so I used that as my subject.  Then I played upon the fact that during the era the original photo was taken, women were still fighting for their rights. 

Then all my wonderful blogger friends that I asked to vote for me went and voted!  That makes me feel so wonderful!  And in case you didn’t know, this was my first ever entry into ANYTHING like this!  I don’t do Photoshop very well at all. LOL

So, once again, I’m extremely grateful to all of  you who took time from your busy day to vote for me.   Thank  you from the bottom of my heart.




  1. Congratulations..your work is lovely. Thank you for visiting me the other day...so nice to meet you. Happy creating. xoxo

  2. A big congrats to you, Marilyn! You should be very proud of yourself.

    Have a great week!

  3. I like how you added the nail polish, and how you brought out the colors. NICE~~~~