Friday, April 11, 2008

Chicago International Miniature Show April 2008

Well, I finally did it! I was able to attend the miniature show of shows. The Chicago International produced by Tom Bishop.

I had heard that I would be overwhelmed, maybe go into miniature overload. But no, I felt right at home. I wish, however, that I would have had more money. There were so many nice things but a budget is a budget.

Most of the dealers were great, whether you spent a little or a lot. At one table, I spent as little as $3.00. At another one, I spent a total (2 day combined) of over $250. Some just wouldn't give you the time of day, even if you told them their items were great and wished you could afford them. Others, even knowing you couldn't buy, would take time to show you the little special details that made their items so great. Landscape Magic from Texas, WONDERFUL. Cindy of Miniature Luxeries in Georgia, WONDERFUL.

I finally got to meet Nancy Cronin and Anna Hardman, two wonderful dollmakers. I had the luxery of attending workshops from both of them. With Anna, I learned how to sew using a machine (without the fabric getting eaten) along with hand sewing (not my forte') and from Nancy I learned how to use a wonderful glue product (got to find some) and how to make nylons!

By the time I arrived home early in the morning on Monday, I was exhausted. I still haven't gotten completely rested up, and my little miniature purchases are still waiting for me to go through them, sorting and recording as I go. Probably 95% of my purchases were supplies, so I need to keep an accurate accounting of what I purchased.

I was able to meet several members of The Camp, an online miniature group, including our beloved DM (Den Mother). Another highlight was meeting Alice Zinn. Oh, the stories she can tell. The one dark spot was that I was unable to meet Dana Burton of MiniatureArt, the owner of another online group, MiniDollList. She is a wonderful person and has helped me so much in the realm of miniature dolls. But, alas, our meeting wasn't to be.

Well, I guess I better run for now. Lots of work to do and minis/dolls to make. And sometime, I have got to figure out how to create a website to showcase my dolls AND a database so I can stop recording purchases by hand and embed pictures with the information so everything is at my fingertips.

Until Later!