Sunday, August 29, 2010

An Apology and A Reason

First, I want to apologize to all my followers out there.  I know I’ve been incommunicado for quite some time.  I have a reason.

About a month ago, I found out that the disc in my lower back that was causing me an increasing amount of pain had herniated.  Also, the disc right above it is bulging.  Due to work responsibilities, I am unable to have surgery until November.  Needless to say, I’m in quite a bit of pain and some days, it’s an effort to walk or just function.  To top it off, the pain seems to increase on an almost daily basis.

In an effort to combat this pain, I am in physical therapy three days a week.  While it seems to help some, today, as I am typing this, I’m propped on the sofa with a heating pad on my back and pain radiating to my knees and down to my left foot.

Since pain and work seem to consume my days, I’ve lost all interest in almost everything.  It’s a temporary condition (the pain has caused my bi-polar disorder to flair up too) I’m assured, but one that is frustrating none-the-less. 

To top this off, work has gotten increasingly stressful, along with my personal life.  Louisiana is in a budget crisis, and I work in higher education which is once again facing massive budget cuts.  I’m looking at having to run a department on quite possibly a smaller budget than I have had in almost 10 years!  Also, my mother-in-law whom I love dearly is driving me nuts because she isn’t working and is suffering from depression and self-induced problems (she wants to move in with us & she’s in her early 60’s!), and we have the cute new puppy at home that is stressful in and of itself.

My psychiatrist is adjusting my medicine accordingly and I’m in therapy to learn how to cope with all this too.  They are the ones that assured me this disinterest  is temporary and are helping me to less the effects the chronic pain & stress have caused. 

So, between physical therapy, a psychiatrist, a therapist, and support from my family, I hope to be able to handle the pain until I can have surgery in November.  In fact, it’s scheduled for November 5th.  Yes, I’m counting the weeks LOL!

During the 6-8 week recovery, I hope to begin crafting, creating, and blogging all the time again.  I really do enjoy this.

In closing, please bear with me.  I have lots to show you when I’m up to it (I’ve won a few on-line auctions and got some neat stuff before losing interest) and still have a ton of things I wish to accomplish when life stops throwing me curve balls.

Until later……………………..

Sunday, August 1, 2010

It’s Been a While!

Hi everyone!  It’s been a bit since I’ve blogged, other than the about our new beagle (who at the moment is raising a ruckus because he is in his pen outside instead of inside with us).  For enquiring minds, he is doing just fine and is totally spoilt rotten. 
Okay, I wanted to share a few finds with you that will eventually end up on one of my Etsy sites.  Also, I hope to get some crocheted items up (supplies as I didn’t crochet them) for those of you that may have an interest in baby dolls.  Yes, these should fit (they are 11” shoulder to shoulder) and well made.  They may be vintage, but I’m unsure as to the age.
Okay, here we go (I’ll probably put these up on my other blog Epoch Junktique in a couple of days – you can ALWAYS contact me if interested in anything you see, either here or on the other blog).
Victorian sterling silver & glass cruet set:
This is complete and unbroken!  A rare find nowadays.  I’ll probably list it around $175.  Is awesomely gorgeous!
Junior Monarch Numbering System – has the numbering system too!
Closeup of Logo
Closeup of Gears 
Closeup of System Front of Machine Punches Included Tape Included Only problem with this is the crank handle has been broken off, but I believe it can be fixed.  Just look at all the numbering punches there!  I’ll probably put a price around $75 or so on it.  I’m still pinching myself over this one.  Very rare find (for me at least).
Crocheted Baby/Doll Clothes:
197 199 200 202 212 Aren’t these just adorable?  Again, they measure 11” shoulder to shoulder and will probably price them around $10 per set.  VERY well made sets.  Some come with the hat and booties, others with a top, bottom, hat, and booties.
On a sad note, UPS screwed up and lost part of a shipment!  I had to file a claim but the items they lost are irreplaceable!  Old cabinet photos, old model airplane kits that were to be a gift to my brother, an old jade and wire tree I was salivating over, a vintage silk kimono, some old WWII memorabilia, and the list goes on.  The seller and myself are just absolutely sick over it. Apparently, the tape at the bottom must have gotten wet or something and pulled away from the box.  They retaped it, but by then the damage was done.  No telling who had my items now, but I hope they enjoy them like I would have!
Well, puppy lunch time.  Off I go!
If you are into miniature dolls, please don’t forget to check out the new link on my sidebar.  The is having a Camelot Court event.  It’s going to be awesome!
Until Later…………………………..

Tuesday, July 20, 2010

It’s Been a Busy Month

Sorry everyone that I’ve been missing this past month.  It’s been busy.  Work, son’s baseball, and now, a new addition to the family.  Nope, not a baby, LOL, as I’m not having any more kids, but a new puppy!

Let me introduce my son’s new beagle pup, named Mojeaux!  For all of you not from South Louisiana, it’s pronounced “mojo”.

IMG_1362 IMG_1364

Isn’t he cute?  He’s a Lemon Spotted Beagle.  My son wants to train him to be a rabbit dog, but as things are looking, he’s going to be a lap dog!  In two days he has been kennel-trained, though since he is only 7 weeks old, the house-training is ongoing.  When Mojeaux gets sleepy, all you have to do is say, Go to Bed, and he goes and curls up in his kennel!

So, it’s like having a baby.  Regular feedings, “mistake” cleanups, getting up twice a night (though that is son’s job right now), playing constantly, it’s all that. 

Now, I do have a LOT of auction finds to share with you, a miniature supply swap I was involved in (lots of goodies there), and just things in general, but will do that (hopefully) when I am on vacation next week.  Of course, son leaves to go visit relatives for two weeks, so I will have puppy duty to share with hubby. 

Maybe I can also get some crafting in – currently, I’m working on some miniature flowers, a dollhouse, a miniature “wicker” coffee table, and a couple other mini things as I can find the time.  I need to get some RL sized stuff created, my selling blog and my Etsy stores updated, plus I need a pair of round nose and chain nose pliers so I can get some jewelry made (got a few ideas in mind, though all I’ve ever made before are anklets).  Not enough time nor money in the day to do everything.  Sigh.

Until later…………………………..

Thursday, July 1, 2010

A Few Finds of Late

As I think I’ve mentioned, I’ve discovered On-Line LIVE auctions.  Here are a few of my wins as of late:

Vintage Pins – LOVE the White Dragonfly


Box of Vintage Dollies


Vintage Hollywood Ephemera of Grace George


And of Gladys George


Two French Cartoon magazines from 1907 – a little rough, put HEY, they are FRENCH and from 1907!!!


Of course, couldn’t pass up these fab synthetic pearls. What girl could?


There is MUCH more!  Talk about blew my budget, but with such goodies out there (and several Etsy shops and a selling blog to stock) what’s a junkin’ girl to do?????  Though I am staying away from the auctions this month.  Hubby is taking me junkin’ in New Orleans toward the end of the month and I want to make sure I have the funds available to enjoy myself.

I’ll be sharing more with you in the future. 

Until Later………………………..


Tuesday, June 29, 2010

Up For A Name Change?

A long time ago, in a galaxy far, far away………………


NO, wait a minute, this isn’t Star Wars!  This is my blog and I needed an update.   A blogland blogger name update that is.

Way back when I first started blogging, I was primarily hooked on dolls of any shape or size, as long as they were teenagers or older.  I’m not fond of baby or toddler dolls.  So, I gave myself the name of The Lone Dollier.  Being one of the very few people left within a 200 mile radius of me that was creating/costuming dolls (not counting reborns-ugh-sorry personal preference type thing I guess), I felt very alone.  Also, I was new to the blogging community and didn’t realize it helps to have uniformity.

Now, I have expanded my horizons and I not only costume miniature dolls, I also go junkin’, collect paper ephemera, love anything vintage, create altered tags, and work with miniatures of all types.  If you’ve noticed, I’ve even added a little tag line under the main name of my blog to reflect my expanding vision.

So, I’m thinking about a name change.  In two other arenas, I go by Tarnished Rose.  That’s my “professional” name if you will.  I’m just kind of melding my Etsy shop name, my Twitter name, and possibly my Facebook page all together with my blogger name.   I am now Tarnished Rose in blogland.  I now have a name that better fits my likes; things that are tarnished, not new, but still have that beauty to it, things like dolls that I make that may not be your typical “pretty” dolls, but have their own beauty, altered tags that are slightly grungy, you get my drift.

For now, I’ll keep the name of my blog the same.  Dolls, Etc., covers a LOT of ground and I do hope to get back to focusing more on dolls.  Now that I have a NEW AIR CONDITIONER in my studio!!! YIPPEEE! 

LG 8,000-BTU Window Air Conditioner

Now my studio is nice and cool once more!




Until Later……………………………


Monday, June 28, 2010

And The Winner of the Cavallini Stamps Is:

Okay, so I read through each entry (yep, sure did and thank you all!), printed them out, and assigned a number to each one.  In all, there were 79 entries (some people forgot to post a separate comment for posting on their blog).  I checked, double-checked, TRIPLE-CHECKED (as I wanted to be fair and correct) entered the numbers Into Random.Org and DRUM ROLL PLEASE
True Random Number Generator Min: 1 Max: 79 Result: 48 Powered by RANDOM.ORG
The winner is:  LIZ – all the way in Indonesia!  WOW, don’t think I’ve ever mailed anything there.  Cool!  LIZ, I will be emailing you privately to get your mailing address.
You can visit LIZ at her blog,  If I’m understanding her correctly, she just passed a big test and deserves a round of applause. 
THANK YOU all for entering this giveaway.  I had an awesome turnout, acquired a bunch of new followers, and got even closer to the next giveaway, which I will hold when I hit 200 Followers!  I’m sorry the drawing took so long, I have been so busy with my son’s All Star team that I finally had to take a break at work and do this before you all rioted on me!
Stay tuned, I have a TON of great finds from some estate sales and on-line auctions share with you.  Also, don’t forget, I have a second blog where I offer items for sale before I list them on my Etsy sites (which are also on a page of the blog).  The name of the blog is Epoch Junktique and I have some old toys and board games up for sale right now along with some of my altered tags.
Until Later…………

Friday, June 25, 2010

Bloggerette Sorority

Okay, I’m a baddddd Rusher.  I didn’t post my creation (thank you Zandra for reminding me)!  Sorry, life (aka son’s baseball team) got in the way.  BUT!!!!  I did get my project done.  I completed an altered tag.

IMG_1297 IMG_1298 IMG_1299  IMG_1301

I used a combination of Distress Inks, Vintage lace, Gauze, a “dirtied” silk rose, a Transfer of the photo we were to use (I have a secret potion that work great), and a Resin rectangle with “Dream”.  

Oh!  A picture of me.  AHHHH, ahem, cough cough,


I had to take one with the camera on my laptop.  AHEM, ummmm, I kept getting a glare on my glasses so they are on my nose. LOL 

Enjoy (tee hee)

Until Later………………………

Wednesday, June 23, 2010

Have a Look-See!

Okay, one of the web’s most awesome stores has contacted me to do a review.

Many of you know of this store and that they have some of the greatest products at the best prices, tons which come with free shipping.  So, let’s take a look at the VANITY Site from and see what's available. 

Here are a few that I could see in my bathroom, which BTW, will be getting a full makeover HOPEFULLY in the next year or so & guess who I will go to.  YEP! CSN’s JUST VANITIES store.
I have a small bathroom, but Virtu Maybell Double 55.1" Bathroom Vanity would fit just right!
Virtu Maybell Double 55.1" Bathroom Vanity Set in Espresso - UM-3063
Or maybe the Belle Foret 60" Double Basin
 Belle Foret 60" Double Basin Vanity and Optional Single Mirror in Espresso - 80066R
Or this one with a single sink:  Vintage Stone 60" American Collection – talk about classing up the old bathroom!  Plus, it has all the drawer space that I definitely need.
Vintage Stone 42X60SB - 60
So, now, for an upcoming review, brought to you by CSN!  I will be reviewing these items for you.
CucinaPro Pasta Fresh Machine w/ Optional Attachments - S177-S177-01-S177-03-S177-05
Deflecto Tilt Bin Plastic Storage System with Nine Bins, 23-5/8 x 2-1/2 x 3-3/8, Black                                                 - DEF20904OP
Now, why you may ask, did I decide to review such mundane kitchen/house wares?  Well, here’s why.  I’m a crafter.  I create a LOT of different things.  And most of you that read my blog are like me.  And there is a lot on CSN’s website that might be of use to you.  In fact, their crafting storage items are super cool.  And guess what else is on the drawing board for me???? YEP!  A new studio (about a year or so away too – have to renovate the house).  I’ve already perused their site for desks and shelving options.  Their free shipping would save me a BUNDLE.

The PASTA MACHINE will be used to condition clay for my art dolls, jewelry, and miniatures.  The TILT STORAGE BINS can hold the results of said creations from the use of the pasta machine.  Sounds like a plan to me!

Once I’ve given both of these a work-out (& let me tell you, I will take them through their paces!), I’ll do a review right here and let you know how things came out.  I’ll show the results!

Thank you CSN!  You are so awesome to deal with.

Until Later………………………………

Tuesday, June 22, 2010

Recent Wins

Okay, I’ve been very remiss.  I’ve won several blog prizes lately and haven’t posted about them.  They’ve all been wonderful and the ladies that gave them away should have their hard work acknowledged.


Win LULU Necklace

I won this AWESOME necklace from LULU Kellogg – wore it to work yesterday and got all kinds of compliments.

WIN necklace

Cool Scarab necklace from Barb’s Botanical Gardens – will be wearing this one real soon!

Win Fairfield House 

Beautiful Journal, plaque and the sweetest birds from Fairfield House – Journal is going to be for my dream studio.  I’m going to start planning it & THEN convince hubby that I NEED one inside so he doesn’t feel so “neglected”  HEHE. HE ASKED FOR IT (look at yesterday’s post).

Win Hope Filled Living Stationary Set

Awesome handmade stationary set from Hope Filled Living – now I can send all kinds of letters.

Win North Dakota Kitchen

Plates, napkins, recipe cards and TWO Rachel Ray DVDs from North Dakota Kitchen – WOO HOO! Recipes galore.

Win TCC Dara Necklace 

Beautiful necklace from Dara through The Creative Connection – won’t fit around my head, but will hang in a prominent location in my studio so I can drool over it.

FOUR Collage Sheets from Create with Joy – great for my ATCs
A $25 Gift Card to Michaels from The Graphics Fairy – got my list ready!
AND a wonderful Gardening Kit from Vintage Linen Treasures (see sidebar) – now I can get the rest of my containers potted.

So, I’ve been doing the HAPPY DANCE a LOT lately.  I want to publicly say THANK YOU to all of these awesome ladies for hosting some wonderful giveaways!

I will be drawing the winner of the Cavallini butterfly stamps shortly.

Until Later………………………

Monday, June 21, 2010

He Said, She Said

My husband and I are arguing.  I never spend any time with him.  I say, he never spends any time with me.  I have my studio, my blog, my likes, my junkin.  He has fishing, hunting, and football.  We like NOTHING the other likes!  Okay, we can’t even agree on what type of hot dog to eat!  Yep, talk about night and day.

He wants ME to spend time with HIM. NOT the other way around.  I hate hunting, can’t stand going to football games, think shows about hunting and fishing on TV are stupid AND I can’t fish because of my health (allergies & riding in the boat would literally kill me right now).  Would it kill him to take me to the antique malls around where I live every now and then (I’m agoraphobic to a certain degree and going places is always anxiety-attack inducing) or go to some yard sales?  Take me to Michaels or Hobby Lobby?  Hmmmmm?????

Have any of you ever experienced this?  I  read so much about how husbands are so supportive of their wives’ hobbies.  Well mine isn’t.  Insecurity?  Jealousy?   Probably both.  But, it’s a two-way street.  I tried the one-way street for over 18 years…….our marriage almost didn’t last.  So it’s no more of that now that I wrestled an identity back (which he FULLY supported me doing!).

Sorry for the venting, normally I try to keep this blog upbeat, but it’s reaching critical mass.

So, chime in!  Does your spouse think you’re ignoring him when you are in your studio?  Does he want you GLUED to him 24/7 after even 22 years of marriage (yep, just this May)?  Or does he go with you as much as you go with him?  Inquiring minds (well mine LOL) want to know!

Until Later……………………………


Saturday, June 19, 2010

Surprise in the Mail Today

My Giveaway closes at Midnight, June 20th, CST - Go HERE to enter.

Okay, so I’ve discovered on-line, live auctions. AARRRGGHHH!!!  Not bad enough there is Ebay, Etsy, garage sales, estate sales, etc., nope I had to go and find out about ON-LINE LIVE BIDDING AUCTIONS!
You know, the kind that you can attend while sitting in the comfort of your own home on a Saturday night, 2,000+ miles away from where the action is.  Get your auction fix if you will (especially where I live where there are NO auctions to speak of).
So, I get a notice that Westsound Auctions up in Washington state of all places is having an auction.  I’m perusing their catalog and there it is!  A GOLD Dragonware cup and saucer in a lot of other “vintage” items.  Namely two alphabet ceramic blocks and a hammered aluminum basket.  Now, everyone that knows me KNOWS I’m “el cheapo”.  I don’t spend a lot on any one item & I didn’t want the other three things in the lot. Okay, no chance to win this for my mom, who collects this wonderful stuff (dragonware that is), and who has a birthday next month, and who deserves a gift from a very grateful daughter. 
But, I bid.  Then, I go to bed.  Heck, we are two hours ahead of Washington and this was one of the last lots.  The auction didn’t start until late my time as it was.  No way was I staying up until after midnight to see myself lose.
I wake up the next day, check my messages while at the ballpark (son was pitching) and surprise of surprises, I WON!!!!!!
Yep, this little jewel just arrived
IMG_1324   IMG_1322IMG_1323
If almost MINT condition!  Now, I paid out the wahzoo for shipping, that’s the drawback of having something shipped halfway across the country, but my mom will soon be the proud owner of something she loves.  PRICELESS.
Oh, and did I mention a little SURPRISE!  Yes, the nice folks at Westsound included this little jewel in my package and she’s all mine!
A vintage postcard!  I think the folks over there deserve a Thank You note from me, because I’m very appreciative.  And I just sent them one.
Oh, and the other items,  they’ll be up on my Etsy store soon.
Until Later……………………………