Wednesday, May 26, 2010

100th (well 100+) FOLLOWER GIVEAWAY


WOO HOO!!!  I made it to 100+ followers!  I’m soooo excited.   I never thought I would make it this far.  Thank you for hanging in there with me as I ranted, raved, mumbled, and generally carried on about everything from miniatures to junkin’ to my bad back/neck (& now knee!). 

Now, before y’all revolt and unsubscribe to my blog for not coming through with the promised giveaway, here it is…


IMG_0802 IMG_0803

Yep, you could win your very own Cavallini Butterfly stamp set!  Stamp muslin for ribbon, make tags, cards, gift paper, the sky’s the limit.  Those of you that mini, they have their uses there too (think mini pillows).  Yes, I have a set and they are really neat.

I tried to come up with something that everyone who follows me would like.  I believe I have quite a diverse following, so having something that appealed to all was hard to come up with.  This stamp set was chosen because it fits into many different categories. 

So, “what are the rules” you ask?

1)  Leave a comment, even if you just say “Hi!”  (one entry)
2)  Post on your blog’s sidebar or on your blog and leave a separate comment (one entry)

You can become a follower if you like, but it is NOT REQUIRED.  I prefer you follow me because you want to, not because you have to.  

That’s it!  Please make sure you leave a separate comment as I will use a Random Number generator to decide a winner.  Also, if you don’t have a blog, make sure you leave an email address so I can contact you if you win.

Contest Deadline:  June 20th, midnight CST (USA)
Why?  It’s Father’s Day & Hubby’s birthday so it’s easy for me to remember!

This contest is open Worldwide

Until later……………

Wonderful Giveaway at Vintiquities Workshop

I wanted to share with you the wonderful giveaway Thespa is having over on her blog, Vintiquities Workshop

Here is an excerpt:

So many vintage goodies! Lots of image rich vintage book pages, antique music sheets, vintage and antique cards of all shapes and sizes, a wooden cabinet purse, antique buttons, antique lace bits, and the hankie card from my tutorial!


Not only is she having this awesome giveaway celebrating 100 posts, she also included a tutorial on how to make the vintage handkerchief holder you see in the picture.

So, head on over and take a look.  You want be disappointed.  But, hurry, giveaway ends Monday, May 31st!

Until Later……………………..


Wednesday, May 19, 2010

The Swap

Well, I participated in my first “real life” sized swap and boy, was I every happy I did!  My swap partner was Lesley from Country Girl Corner in the UK.   The Shabby Chic Cottage hosted the swap.

I sent Lesley a (what I hope) was a nice package of assorted items (pppssstt Lesley, got a surprise headed your way too – found something & thought of you) & today, I received my package from her.

Okay, I had to pick myself up OFF the floor because I fell out of my chair.  Why? you ask.  Well, because look at the goodies she sent:

IMG_0790 OH YEAH!IMG_0792 Magazine & framesIMG_0793

Cat Sachet (Smells GREAT!)  And you know I LOVE kitties!IMG_0794A Vintage Tablecloth (YUMMY) – Look at the gorgeous embroidered flowers!  And the cutes frames….got ideas for those already.

IMG_0795 Country Living Magazine from the UK (WOO HOO)

IMG_0791 AND THE CREME DE LA CREME!  A LaMODE Petit Journal dated 1902! (I want to make that dress for a doll!)

IMG_0796 IMG_0797 Still with a piece of an original pattern in it!  And look at those needlepoint charts!

IMG_0798 The dressesIMG_0799 Ah, should I say, Toilette???


Lesley – THANK YOU!!!!!!!  You were spot on when you put this together for me.  Girlfriend, did you read my mind?????  :)

I hope dear that you were as happy with your gift from me as I was with yours.  And if you happen to read this, just ignore that you are getting a surprise in a few weeks LOL.

Until Later…………………….

Here are a Few Free Images

I just received some Ebay wins in the mail and thought I would share a few of them with you. 

These have been scanned at as high a resolution as possible.  I have many many more photos & postcards in my collection – plans are in the works to share them with you.  Just need to find the time to scan everything.

If I remember correctly, these are CDVs & were used as calling cards.  If I’m wrong, someone PLEASE correct me. 

Please do not sell these images as your own.  However, you may use them as part of your art that your resale.  Enjoy!

doc20100519140740_003 doc20100519140740_001 doc20100519140740_002

Until Later…………………..


Monday, May 17, 2010

Thank you

I want to say a big THANK YOU! to everyone for all the kind comments concerning my little Lydia and her publication in Miniature Collector.   You really made my day.

Also, thank you to everyone who comments and even those that don’t.  I know you are out there and am very grateful.

Well it seems not only have I made over 100 posts, I have hit the 100 FOLLOWERS mark!  YIPPEE!!!!! HAPPY DANCE!!!!

So, in just a bit (once I get some swap obligations out of the way), I will have a giveaway.  Watch this spot for details.

Until later………………………..


Monday, May 10, 2010

Junkin’ Part Deaux

Okay, as promised, here’s pictures of the second estate sale I went to a couple of Sundays ago.  There are a couple of more coming up, but I’m flat-busted-broke the rest of this month!

 Alice 1 Vintage Alice In Wonderland Porcelain Figure

Cat Made In Japan SittingVintage Cat Marked “Japan” in black letters

 Chalk Picture 4 Antique Chalk Portrait – sorry for the flash reflection, it’s really in wonderful shape. The estate sale ladies were calling her “Grandma” by the time I left and wrapped her up extra good (it was raining & very humid).

Horses Side 1 Old Plastic Horses – these are neat and they are two toned – that is not paint chipping

IMG_0657 Old Plastic Car

IMG_0704Vintage Metal Bank, the piggy just needs a little glue and it’s missing the key

IMG_0695  UNUSED Vintage Album in great shape – NO pages have been touched.

IMG_0714HILARIOUS Book by Johnny Carson from the 60’s

IMG_0708 And the FIND OF THE DAY! A 1934 Edition by Munro Leaf in GREAT SHAPE!  I almost fell out of my chair when I realized how valuable this book was. 

All in all, I had a wonderful time that weekend.  Yesterday for Mother’s Day was great too.  My son got me a rod & reel so I could fish with him in our pond.  I’ve done nothing but fish all weekend (he gave it to me Friday) & now I’m paying the price – ALLERGY ATTACK!!!  But it’s well worth it.

Until Later………………………


Saturday, May 8, 2010

I'm Doing the Happy Dance – I was PUBLISHED (well, my doll was!)

Okay, about two years ago, I made and donated a doll with a vignette to a miniature museum.  Just a child doll in 1/12th scale. First one I every painted, first child doll I ever made.  It took me three hours to paint her face.
IMG_0757 IMG_0756
That’s my little girl doll there in the pretty yellow pinafore.  RIGHT NEXT TO ONE OF MY FAVORITE DOLL MAKER’S DOLLS (Pearl Jordan make Geppetto).’
Sorry, but I just had to share the awesome news.  Oh, and the hoop you can see was made by my husband.  He was such a big help when I told him I needed and old fashioned hoop.
Well, thank you for letting me do my HAPPY DANCE all around blogland.
Until later………..

Friday, May 7, 2010

Estate Sale-ing or as I Call It - Junkin’

So last weekend, I got out of the house & headed to some local estate sales.  Normally, there are not that many around the greater Baton Rouge area, but there were two on one weekend.  YIPPEEE!  And hubby said to go (I was really in a lot of pain), I would probably feel better.  So, Sunday (50% off day!) afternoon, after dropping my son off at his girlfriend’s house to work on a Civics project, I headed off to BR.

This post is concerning my First Stop, a sale by a group I had never heard of.  Looky what I found!

Brooch Full Size   Colorful BroochCharm Bracelet 1  A cute charm bracelet

AWESOME Jasper & Sterling Silver Vintage Cufflinks


(but missed the antique dollhouse furniture by just minutes – rats!)

Sacred Heart 2 Sacred Heart piecesIMG_0652 Cool banglesIMG_0659 OLD books & a Hem measurerIMG_0663 IMG_0667 

IMG_067460’s Vintage Silk Scarves

IMG_0684 Vintage Pillowcase

IMG_0686 Vintage Handkerchiefs

IMG_0689 Old Grater

IMG_0703 English Wallet

IMG_0740Opalescent Cup & Saucer

IMG_0741 50’s Glass Bead Necklace

IMG_0751 Funky Bird

Yes, these are all destined for Etsy!  I did get my brother his Christmas there (shhh – don’t tell) so I won’t post that.  He checks out my blog on occasion.

I had a great time.  Then I went to another sale, one that I had attended that Friday, but that was just down the road & it WAS 50% off day.  Wait until you see what I found!  Oh, I love it!  I’ll also have to take pictures of what I decided to keep, which wasn’t much since my house is beginning to look like a storeroom, but there were a couple of things I bought for ME. 

Have a great weekend and until later…………….


Tuesday, May 4, 2010

Yes, I’m Alive

Hi all faithful bloggers.  Yes, I’m still alive and well.  Okay, partially well, ummm, somewhat well.  I’m breathing at least!

It’s been busy, busy at work and at home, so I’ve been MIA from blogland lately.  BUT, I PROMISE to make it up to you.  Coming shortly to this blog, there will be a very nice giveaway to thank  you all for being patient. 

Also, I’ve acquired some new real photo postcards from the early 1900’s, thanks to some wonderful Ebay sellers in Portugal and another friend overseas who is parting with some of her items.  Also, I went to TWO estate sales this past weekend (YIPPEE) thanks to my awesome husband who TALKED me into going even though I was in a lot of pain.  Yep, still in pain from my neck and back.

Got some really awesome finds I want to share with all of you.  I’ve also experimented with making paper flowers so I will have those to show you and just general talk about life.  Unfortunately, no minis getting done, but that’s okay.  Can’t stress about that.

I do have a fellow mini doll maker who is member of the list I’m PR Rep for, Cheryl Polito, who lost ALL her mini stuff in a trailer fire.  She’s really a nice gal, so if anyone out there wants her info, drop me a line at mcgoo4(at)  Remember to replace (at) with @.  Even if it’s just to offer condolences and I will send then along.  Us mini doll makers have to stick together you know.

Well, got to get to bed as 5:30 comes really early LOL.

Talk to everyone later, and THANK YOU for being so patient with me.