Thursday, July 7, 2011

My New Shelf Space in the Antique Store

Yeah, tired of hearing this huh?  Well, it beats me thinking about the lower back fusion I’m having in one month!

Here is my newly stocked shelf in the antique store in Ponchatoula – Acquisitions of the Bygone.

My shelf 1  I know, not much to look at, but at least, it’s a start!  Top Shelf for objects that can stand on their own.

My shelf 2  Then, the two three inside shelves to hold those smaller items and some pictures, a hat or four!

My shelf 3And finally, the floor, for those HEAVY items.

AND I just found out yesterday, I now have TWO shelf units.  Yep, after spending all last weekend pricing and tagging for the first shelf, I was offered a second space and jumped on it.  SOOOOO, this weekend will be spent pricing and tagging items for it.  Since the new shelf is very close to the front desk, it will mostly contain vintage jewelry.  There will be some smalls, like porcelain figurines and maybe a large picture or two for the very top shelf, but the bulk of it will be jewelry. 

I purchased some great decorator fabric from Hobby Lobby and will use that to line the shelves of the new shelf unit.  Can’t have just plain brown board for all that nice stuff I have.  Yesterday, I also purchased several display busts, a display hand, and necklace stands at Hobby Lobby, so that store REALLY like to see me walk through the doors.

Scary thing is, now I have to read the tax code involving sole proprietorships! You should see how convoluted it is!

So, back surgery in August, out of commission for 6-8 weeks, and TWO shelf units to stock and tidy up!  Thank goodness my hubby and son are there to help (with the requisite grumbling).  The nurse said that 3-4 weeks after my surgery, I’ll be able to take short car trips, so I will at least be able to go to the shop and tell my  hubby and son where to place new items (well, hopefully I’ll be selling enough where I need new items).

Then, a short break, carpal tunnel surgery in right, then left wrist, and more directing hubby and son on what to do.  HOWEVER, hubby WAS the one that said, go ahead, get another shelf.  Bet he didn’t expect THIS to happen!

On that  note, I’ll sign off!

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