Sunday, February 28, 2010

Look What I Just Couldn’t Pass Up

Okay, HBS, otherwise known as, is having an awesome three-day sale.  50% off any dollhouse.  Well, I just couldn’t pass up a deal like that.  However, I ordered more than one!  The entire order cost me less than $50.

Adams1 Adams2

The Adams Dollhouse.  Will make a great roombox.  I may remove the railing (can’t stand railings) and just leave the two support posts on the end.  Will make a great General Store.

Houseboat and Bus Houseboat and Bus2

These came as a set.  Do not ask me what in the world I’m going to do with the bus, but it was practically free, so why not?  I love the houseboat and am going to look on their website for ideas.  There are a lot of those down here that people use for weekend camps.  Just float them right on Blind River with slides going right into the water.  Course one time, I saw an alligator sunning himself on it!  Hey, that’s an idea!!!! An old, rundown houseboat with an alligator in residence.  I love it!

Travel Trailer Travel Trailer2

And last but not least, a Travel Trailer!  I already have the perfect doll for this, from a contest on the MiniDollList web site last summer.  I also have the complete story to go with it to!

So see, I still have my hand in miniatures.  I just kind of bounce back and forth between all the artistic loves in my life.  Currently, beside these (& some on-going roomboxes) I feel the call of the dolls.  I can’t look at a doll, art or otherwise, without the tug.  So, I may have to pull out my clay and my Patricia Rose molds (well the few I have inside) next week and get after it.  When something tugs that hard for that long, you just HAVE to do it.  Yes, I can do something like that.  I have hot hands and it takes very little kneading on my part to get the clay to where it needs to be.  Especially the fresh ProSculpt I have.  Then it’s just a matter of pressing it into the mold and then doing some cleanup and detailing – all my tools are inside.  I have a brand new, never used digital toaster oven specifically for baking clay.  My mom is going to be here to take me to the doctor, so she can take it outside, plug it in, and cook my doll for me.  If I get something done, I will post it here.

And I haven’t forgotten.  I still have to find that stupid stamp set I’m missing so I can have my giveaway.  I’m already compiling some items, but the stamp set by Cavallini is the big prize.  ARRRGGG where is it!

Oh, and don’t forget I am taking pre-order for Flea Market Style. I’ve read my copy from cover to cover and LOVE it. So many great ideas for RL and minis.

Until later…………………………………..


Saturday, February 27, 2010

Had a Little Time on My Hands

I’ve been waiting on some books my local library was hunting down for me through inter-library loan.  I’m a big fan of Al Hirschfeld and requested about 6 of his books.  Hubby picked up the three that came in for me on Friday.

Today, totally bored and sore from attempting to bind some tutorials into a book using my Bind-it-All (yeah, stupid I know) I decided to pull out my sketch book and see what I could do.  See, I fell in love with Mr. Hirschfeld’s work when I was taking a art class at my local university several years ago.  What he could do with a few pencil strokes was amazing and even more astounding (to me) was that I could sort of copy his work. 

So here is his drawing of Julie Harris in 1968


And here is mine:


His drawing of Lauren Bacall, 1962


And mine:


As you can see, I’m no artist!  But it was a pleasant hour or so rediscovering my love of sketching. 


Friday, February 26, 2010

Postcard Friday

Well, another Friday has arrived and that means another postcard.  I continue on with another  great one I purchased from a lady in France. 


I hope you like her!  But, I’m running out of postcards I have on my computer so it’s going to be time to scan a few more.  Did I mention I have something life 5 scrapbooks full of postcards from all over the US?  Yep.  I plan on selling them sooner or later, but want to look through them first.  This is not to mention a photo album I’ve put together of a lot more that I’ve added to my collection. 

Until later…………………


Thursday, February 25, 2010

After Christmas Shopping Trip - Part Two

Let's continue with what did turn out to be a very expensive trip.  Again, please realize that I was unable to take pictures of every place I visited because my camera ate my batteries.  That was remedied however.  I returned the camera (a Kodak) to Walmart and got a new one (a Cannon) which I love.  No more eaten batteries!

Okay, here we go.....

This shop is located right next to Tante Marie.  I love these birdcages, especially the one on the left.  However, this is an extremely expensive shop!

Another wonderful birdcage flanked by two pineapple bookends (?).

Wonderful enameled candlestick holder - well I THINK that's what it is.  Not sure, just know it's very pretty.  The owner was extremely nice in letting me take pictures.  Yes, I did buy something as a way of saying "Thank You".

Grand  old sofa.  Would not have been surprised if it was horsehair.  EEK.

I fell in love with so much in this shop!  The table would have looked great in my living room.

I purchased the smaller of the two bamboo encased knives you see at the bottom of the picture.  My husband sharpened it up good and I now use it as a letter opener.  Works great!

I was fairly drooling over these pieces, especially the old knive.  I think I need to open up a small antique shop when I retire (still got 14 years to go).  That way I would have a reason to purchase items like this!

Check out the tapestry on the wall.  Awesome.  The guy that owns this shop knows how to stage items.   That's extremely important and was evident throughout his small store.  Your eye was automatically drawn from one grouping to another.  I know it looks cluttered in my picture, but I’m just a horrible photographer.

Hard to see, but this is his sock monkey collection.  He says he has had a ton of people stop in and ask him to sell it, but no go. He walked outside with me and was telling me about it.  Nice guy.   Mentioned something about a new flea market/antique mall opening up in Breaux Bridge – though that’s at least an hour from me, I need to check into that!

Next stop, the Cotton Port Antique Mall.  This is where my camera died.

The Cotton Port is one of the more expensive stores in Antique Alley, but there are still deals to find.  I got several pieces of good china that were just were just lonesome pieces for 10 cents to 50 cents each.  I also found more old photos and CDVs along with some cool newsprint metal stamps!  Bought a bunch of keys (paid way too much for them) and some other odds and ends.  All in all, a pretty good day.  They are my first stop always and I always find old photographs and cabinet photos – course it helps that I’m there once a year!

Couldn't resist taking a picture of this somewhat creepy carving.   Kind of gives me the shivers to look at it.

I would have loved to have this little cabinet, but have no place to put it.  Well, I can use it as an idea for one of my dollhouses.  Since I have something like 8 that need decorating & I do know how to craft in miniature.

This was a beautiful set, but notice the price!  Oh well, I have enough china that I don’t use as it is.

I just like the colors on this urn.  Beautiful.

Unfortunately, I didn't get any pictures of my favorite store, ABC Collectibles.  Talk about having to dig!  Most of their merchandise is in huge bins along one wall.  But, you can get some really good finds for just a little money.  I make that my first stop from now on.

Here are a few of my finds.  After contorting myself to take these pictures, I realized it would NOT be a good idea to locate the rest (I hide things from myself) until I’m better.  Then, I can dig around, contorting as needed in my small work area (in a future post I’m showing my miniature workroom that I use inside the house) and find the other great items.  The sugar bowl on top (no lid) I think I paid a whopping 25 cents for!  It may have a nick or to, but I love it.  The keys are just a few of the ones I purchased.


These came from ABC Collectibles, as mentioned, my favorite!  Some keys,  pen nibs (not in the pic),


old playing cards


some wooden nickels,


and check out this wonderful tape!  I love the colors and stripes and the price was definitely right!  It’s a type of masking tape apparently used in the medical field.  If I’m wrong, someone please correct me.

IMG_0400 IMG_0401

Well, that’s all for now.  As soon as I’m able, I plan on taking some pictures of items I have laying around the house that I’ve picked up at different places and just maybe I can get back into the swing of things soon.

Until Later………………….


Wednesday, February 24, 2010

Flea Market Style

Look what I’m getting!  I have placed an order for 25 of theses AND since they emailed me back and asked for my street address instead of a PO and mentioned FedEx, seems I’ll have them available soon.


This is a big leap for me.  I’m just a small business person running a few Etsy stores with my mom.  BUT, I have my own personal copy and LOVE it and knew you would too,  plus I know how hard they are to find, and decided to take a leap of faith and order some.

I’m taking pre-orders, no pre-payment required on the off-chance something goes astray.  With any luck, they will arrive at the end of this week/first of next week (I’m not sure of lead time).  Cost will be $9.95 plus shipping.  I can ship either Media Mail or Priority, it will be your choice.  

If you would like to pre-order a copy, please leave me a comment or send me an email at  Once they arrive, I’ll contact the first 25 of you with my PayPal information and shipping costs.

Thank you!


Tuesday, February 23, 2010

Thank You Everyone!!!!

I was the runner up over at Mind Wide Open for their February Challenge. YIPPEE  HOORAY WOO HOO!    Here was my entry:


When I saw the original picture, I was reminded of The Thinker, so I used that as my subject.  Then I played upon the fact that during the era the original photo was taken, women were still fighting for their rights. 

Then all my wonderful blogger friends that I asked to vote for me went and voted!  That makes me feel so wonderful!  And in case you didn’t know, this was my first ever entry into ANYTHING like this!  I don’t do Photoshop very well at all. LOL

So, once again, I’m extremely grateful to all of  you who took time from your busy day to vote for me.   Thank  you from the bottom of my heart.



Monday, February 22, 2010

Look What Was in the Mail!!

Today, when my mailman arrived (AKA my Mother-in-Law), there was this box from ZippyStrippyQuilts.  I’m thinking HMMMM, I don’t quilt so what can this be?


Open the box to find:

IMG_0365MAGAZINES!!!! – Living, Southern Living, Coastal Living, Food Network, and more, plus TWO books!

So, I opened the card……


And it was from Jenny of Jenny Matlock!  Oh happy day!

Thank you so much Jenny, you really brightened my day.  I was getting so bored (there’s only so much CSI a person can watch!) and at my wits end.  The cervical collar is driving me nuts!  Now I have lots of wonderful magazines to keep me occupied.

That was one of the sweetest, nicest things anyone has ever done for me.  I’m so grateful.  Thank you from the bottom of my heart!  You made my day.


Sunday, February 21, 2010

After Christmas Shopping Trip - Part One

Right after Christmas, I made a shopping trip to Trenton Street in West Monroe, LA.  This is a street of antique and junktique shops located in the historic district.  It's a  "must visit" when I'm up home, no matter how bad the pain was nor how bad the agoraphobia.  However on this trip, Lortab was my traveling partner (thanks to a prescription) and I was able to shop with a minimum amount of pain.  Two torn discs can really hurt!  

My camera battery died and I had no more, but before it did, I captured a few pictures.  It was really a great day and I made some fantastic finds (and spent WAY too much).  Sorry it's taken two months, but I hope you enjoy a look into my world. 

This is looking down the street.  There were a LOT of people shopping for it being the day after Christmas.

Me and Blogger are fueding.  I'm having tons of trouble but please bear with me.    I loved the window displays, but I cannot remember the name of the shop!  I even bought some WONDERFUL smelling soaps there.  News Flash!!! - I think it's Pat's Gift Emporium and Gina Lynn's.  Hard to tell since the map on-line isn't correct from what I remember.
I loved this coat. So chic (and so out of my price range!).
The yummy soaps I spoke about buying.  I got the strawberry cake and the cherry cupcake ones you see in the front of the picture.  The smell SOOOO good!
Funky wallets!
LOVE those feather earrings.  Too bad all I ever wear is the gold hoops my husband bought me one year!
I should have asked if this mini mannequin was for sale. Another thing I collect LOL.
Potpourri de Tante Marie - This is one of my favorite shops!  Look what I scored:
It's hard to see, but these are the vintage gold-toned, stainless steel.  Very hard to find, but for $15, they are mine!  Into my utensil drawer and the beautiful box they came in goes under my cabinet until I can retrofit the inside.

Here's a birdcage I would have LOVED to have, but it would have blown my budget. 

Beautiful antique pictures hanging on cracked plaster walls.  These shops are super old and date from when this part of West Monroe was a bustling port and the local mill (Union Oil Mill) produced cotton seed oil.  The district was know as Cottonport.

Don't you just love old radios?  I do.  My mom is supposed to bring me one.  Do not ask where in the world I plan to put it in my already crowded house.

I did purchase one of the green cup and saucer sets for $5.  Another addition to the cup and saucer collection!

I wish I could have purchased this, but it was another budget buster.  I hunt for bargains since most of the items I purchase will end up in my Etsy stores plus I'm almost out of room at home for my collections.  Soon, when something comes in, something will have to go out.

Well, that's it for today.  I have more from the trip that I will post in the next day or two. 

As many times as I have been here, I have NEVER completely gone through all the shops.  It would take me more than a day since I cover territory very slowly.  Antiquing/junktiquing is theraputic for me.  It's a very calming influence - until I find a bargain that is.   There's one shop that is full of vintage books.  Think I'll hit that one the next time.

If I could, my house would be decorated in my finds.  However, my husband is STRONGLY against it (though his den is dedicated to his hunting trophies!).  I have to corral my finds into a hutch, a china cabinet, and selected small what-not cabinets mounted on walls.  There are two such little cabinets waiting to be hung along with a tiered corner shelf I refurbished with some white spray paint.  TWO CANS of spray paint as it was a dark, icky, knot-filled pine that didn't paint easily.  UGH

Also, we have to figure out where to hang shelves for my cup and saucer collection.  I'm thinking the dining room using those curved glass corner hanging shelves you find at Lowes.  They are super cool and don't take away from the beauty of what you are displaying. 

Oh, and I still have dollhouses and roomboxes to share.  Told you I was an eclectic person!

Until later......