Tuesday, December 16, 2014

Tag, You're It!

Below are a couple more projects I completed for the Art Anthology/Stampendous Blog Hop we had last week.

Tags Step 1

While I was creating my I’ll Fly Away journal page for an Art Anthology post, I also pulled a few tags using the paint that was leftover on my Stampendous Creative Palette.  I got three really good pulls off of it and still cleaned quite a bit off the palette when I finished.

Dream Tag Step 1

Using a couple of the stamps from the Stampendous Grunge stamp set, I created a background on one of the tags.

Dream Tag Step 2

Next, I stamped the Stampendous Moray Dahlia stamp onto a piece of cardstock using India Ink.

Dream Tag Step 3

I cut the flower out and colored it with Art Anthology Lemon Tart, Mardi Gras, and Orchid Velvet.

Dream Tag Step 4

Then I stamped the leaf stem that came with the stamp set, colored it with art Anthology Leaf Sorbet and Kona Velvet.

Then I once again got so involved I forgot to show this next step.  I took a clear embossing pen and dabbed it all over the tag.  I then sprinkled Crystal Embossing Powder from theStampendous White Encrusted Jewel Kit over the tag, tapped off the excess, and heat set.

Dream Tag Complete

I followed with some stenciling using our Beehive stencil and a mixture of our soon to be released smooth texture paste (WOOHOO) and Art Anthology Mardi Gras Velvet.  I then stenciled DREAM using the Art Anthology Soliloquy stencil and a Micron Pen.  I then colored the words with Art Anthology Lemon Tart Velvet and the background with Plus Colorations and the Round Brush from our Tool Set.

I couldn’t just stop at once tag, so I created two more.

Play it Again Step 1 Play it Again Complete

This time I used the Stampendous Musical Motif stamp set and stamped out the keyboard onto cardstock. I cut it out and adhered it to the right side of my tag.  I whitened the keys with Cotton Velvet and darkened the frets with Art Anthology Tuxedo Velvet, followed up with a coat of Art Anthology Splashed Sorbet for sparkle.  I then added my quote and sprayed the cardstock with Juicy Colorations.

Sew Step 1

For the final tag, I used the houndstooth stamps from the Stampendous Dress Form stamp set and randomly stamped it over my tag.

Sew Step 2

Next, I stenciled a measuring tape using a Tim Holtz stencil and Lava Stone Effects (great texture!).  I also added some more interest with our Cracked stencil and Silver Metal Effects.

Sew Complete

Finally, I stamped the dress form onto cardstock using India Ink and cut it out.  I thought this tag would look great on one of the Christmas I will be sending out to a swap partner.

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Thursday, December 11, 2014

I'll Fly Away

Hey everyone.  There is a blog hop going on over at Art Anthology (www.artanthology.com/blog) and Stampendous (http://stampendousblog.wordpress.com/).  Below is a journal page I created for the hop.  Hope you enjoy!

I started with page from my 5x7 watercolor journal.  I didn't remove it from its binding.

Fly Away Journal Step 1

I began by putting dabs of Art Anthology Desire, Tango, and Lemon Tart Velvet on a Stampendous Creative Palette and then brayered it until I liked the mixture.

Fly Away Journal Step 2

I layered my page over the Stampendous Creative Palette and ran my hands over it, making sure that I covered my entire page.

Fly Away Journal Step 3

Next I applied Art Anthology Wineberry Velvet and Evergreen Sorbet to Stamendous's Ranunculus Field stamp and stamped onto a sheet of white tissue paper.

At this point, I got so involved in what I was doing I forgot to take pictures, so I will describe what I did.  I took the circle template found in the Stampendous MIsh Mesh stamp set and stenciled Art Anthology Mint Julep Sorbet through it at the top of the page.  I then used the Round stamp from the same set and stamped over my page with India ink.  Next, I used the Diamond stamp from the Stampendous Wired set with Royal Velvet chalk ink and stamped over the page in random areas.  All this was toned down with Gesso.  I then took my stamped Ranunculus image done on the tissue paper and adhered it to the page using gel medium.  The tissue paper literally disappears, leaving the image.

Fly Away Journal Step 4

Next, I took a bunch of Art Anthology Butterfly Embedibles and covered them in Gesso.

Fly Away Journal Step 5

I then painted them in a rainbow of Art Anthology colors:  Fiesta, Wineberry, Lemon Tart, Orchid, Shamrock, Fiji, and Reef Velvets and Just Peachy and Viridian Sorbets.

Fly Away Journal Complete

All that was left was to assemble the page and type out my wording. I painted the edges of the page with Tuxedo Velvet to create a border.

Until later....................
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Tuesday, December 9, 2014

BRRRRR It's Cold Outside

Hello everyone!   Here's a wintry tag I created for this month's Challenge over at Gauche Alchemy. I loved the colors and textures we were given and decided to make something as chilly looking as possible. To accomplish this I decided to stick with shades of blue.

It's Cold Outside Full

I started with an extra large manila tag and painted it with Art Anthology Baby Blue Eyes.  Then I stamped some text across the page using an old Stampers Anonymous stamp I had along with a postmark stamp I found. I then flicked white ink across the page. There is some reflection in the picture because the paint I used has glitter and mica in it, giving it a shimmery effect.

It's Cold Outside Middle

I found an appropriate wintry image in my stash and cut it out using an oval Sizzix die and then circled it with Stampendous Shaved Ice. Using Ice Blue Stickles, I added accents to the lady’s hat and stole.

It's Cold Outside Tag Top

I then used another Sizzix die to cut out snowflakes from some pretty shiny blue paper I had and adhered them randomly across the page. Next I glued down mica fragments from Stampendous’s Encrusted Jewels Technique Kit to the top of the tag.

If you would like to participate in this month's challenge, click http://www.gauchealchemy.com/2014/12/01/decembers-challenge-wintery-mix-mixed-media/.

Until later....................
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