Tuesday, December 16, 2014

Tag, You're It!

Below are a couple more projects I completed for the Art Anthology/Stampendous Blog Hop we had last week.

Tags Step 1

While I was creating my I’ll Fly Away journal page for an Art Anthology post, I also pulled a few tags using the paint that was leftover on my Stampendous Creative Palette.  I got three really good pulls off of it and still cleaned quite a bit off the palette when I finished.

Dream Tag Step 1

Using a couple of the stamps from the Stampendous Grunge stamp set, I created a background on one of the tags.

Dream Tag Step 2

Next, I stamped the Stampendous Moray Dahlia stamp onto a piece of cardstock using India Ink.

Dream Tag Step 3

I cut the flower out and colored it with Art Anthology Lemon Tart, Mardi Gras, and Orchid Velvet.

Dream Tag Step 4

Then I stamped the leaf stem that came with the stamp set, colored it with art Anthology Leaf Sorbet and Kona Velvet.

Then I once again got so involved I forgot to show this next step.  I took a clear embossing pen and dabbed it all over the tag.  I then sprinkled Crystal Embossing Powder from theStampendous White Encrusted Jewel Kit over the tag, tapped off the excess, and heat set.

Dream Tag Complete

I followed with some stenciling using our Beehive stencil and a mixture of our soon to be released smooth texture paste (WOOHOO) and Art Anthology Mardi Gras Velvet.  I then stenciled DREAM using the Art Anthology Soliloquy stencil and a Micron Pen.  I then colored the words with Art Anthology Lemon Tart Velvet and the background with Plus Colorations and the Round Brush from our Tool Set.

I couldn’t just stop at once tag, so I created two more.

Play it Again Step 1 Play it Again Complete

This time I used the Stampendous Musical Motif stamp set and stamped out the keyboard onto cardstock. I cut it out and adhered it to the right side of my tag.  I whitened the keys with Cotton Velvet and darkened the frets with Art Anthology Tuxedo Velvet, followed up with a coat of Art Anthology Splashed Sorbet for sparkle.  I then added my quote and sprayed the cardstock with Juicy Colorations.

Sew Step 1

For the final tag, I used the houndstooth stamps from the Stampendous Dress Form stamp set and randomly stamped it over my tag.

Sew Step 2

Next, I stenciled a measuring tape using a Tim Holtz stencil and Lava Stone Effects (great texture!).  I also added some more interest with our Cracked stencil and Silver Metal Effects.

Sew Complete

Finally, I stamped the dress form onto cardstock using India Ink and cut it out.  I thought this tag would look great on one of the Christmas I will be sending out to a swap partner.

Until later....................
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