Saturday, June 19, 2010

Surprise in the Mail Today

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Okay, so I’ve discovered on-line, live auctions. AARRRGGHHH!!!  Not bad enough there is Ebay, Etsy, garage sales, estate sales, etc., nope I had to go and find out about ON-LINE LIVE BIDDING AUCTIONS!
You know, the kind that you can attend while sitting in the comfort of your own home on a Saturday night, 2,000+ miles away from where the action is.  Get your auction fix if you will (especially where I live where there are NO auctions to speak of).
So, I get a notice that Westsound Auctions up in Washington state of all places is having an auction.  I’m perusing their catalog and there it is!  A GOLD Dragonware cup and saucer in a lot of other “vintage” items.  Namely two alphabet ceramic blocks and a hammered aluminum basket.  Now, everyone that knows me KNOWS I’m “el cheapo”.  I don’t spend a lot on any one item & I didn’t want the other three things in the lot. Okay, no chance to win this for my mom, who collects this wonderful stuff (dragonware that is), and who has a birthday next month, and who deserves a gift from a very grateful daughter. 
But, I bid.  Then, I go to bed.  Heck, we are two hours ahead of Washington and this was one of the last lots.  The auction didn’t start until late my time as it was.  No way was I staying up until after midnight to see myself lose.
I wake up the next day, check my messages while at the ballpark (son was pitching) and surprise of surprises, I WON!!!!!!
Yep, this little jewel just arrived
IMG_1324   IMG_1322IMG_1323
If almost MINT condition!  Now, I paid out the wahzoo for shipping, that’s the drawback of having something shipped halfway across the country, but my mom will soon be the proud owner of something she loves.  PRICELESS.
Oh, and did I mention a little SURPRISE!  Yes, the nice folks at Westsound included this little jewel in my package and she’s all mine!
A vintage postcard!  I think the folks over there deserve a Thank You note from me, because I’m very appreciative.  And I just sent them one.
Oh, and the other items,  they’ll be up on my Etsy store soon.
Until Later……………………………


  1. Love it!! I guess I'll be looking for online autions today ~ that might be my best solution to avoiding the Texas heat. I'll be checking your Etsy shop also ;-)

  2. CONGRATS on your win....Such a LOVELY surprise when it happens....!

    Tamarah :o)

  3. Love that cup and saucer.. Is it a nippon? Your mother is going to be a happy lady...I'll have to check out these auctions.. Thanks for sharing.

  4. Zaa, it's mark with an "M". I can't make out the rest of the script, but it's M. Fer???? Co, made in Japan. Wish is was Nippon!

    Thank you for you lovely comment.