Thursday, June 3, 2010

A-Junkin’ We Will Go, A-Junkin’ We Will Go

Did I get your attention?  No????  Okay, maybe the below will.  I had a vey fruitful, though somewhat expensive day!  Well, my truck broke down BIG TIME.  That was the expensive part.  The fruitful part was the goodies I found. 

Ad on Craig’s List: Antique Toys:  I have quite a few antique toys, if someone wants to come look and make me an offer on what they would like a partial list includes a Flash Gordon toy gun, Marx wind up taxi, large iron bus, a Mike Mulligan type steam shovel, many other toy pistols and pea shooters, old board games from the 30's....too much to list. I have been listing them one at a time, but this is getting tedious, and I would rather just pull them all out when some of you can come by.

Sooooo, that got my attention.  I go by after work today (I also went to a private estate/garage sale today, more on that later).  Hubby was heading to Bass Pro with the Son, so I was at loose ends.  

Eh?  It’s raining you say?  No problem, have umbrella, will junk!  Pouring buckets you say?  Oh, well, what’s a little water.

So, you ask.  Ya’ gonna tell us what you found?  Okay….I will. :)

IMG_0834 Hollywood Movie Bingo Game

IMG_0835  See the famous namesIMG_0836 Tracy? Crosby, Lombard?    Can I tell you, it only gets better?

IMG_0838   Cute! A game about a frog, based on a book

IMG_0841 IMG_0840Immaculate board


IMG_0843 Love the wording

IMG_0844 Play the market on Wall Street!IMG_0845  IMG_0847 Test your skills against the market!  I have NEVER even heard of this game.  Looks to be complete too.

IMG_0849 Darling – 1935

IMG_0852 And MINTIMG_0853 IMG_0854 1915 IMG_0857 IMG_0858 Love these illustrations!IMG_0859 Opera glasses – Think they are some kind of plastic maybe, though they look mother of pearl, not sure, but they work!

You want more you say??  This isn’t enough?


Okay, how about a Built-Rite cardboard house!   Ok, you know I’m a miniaturist, so I’m going to love little houses.  Needs  the tabs put back in the slot, but what a find!  NOT TORN!


Heavy Metal Soldier, just missing his gun – 1930’s probably, maybe as late as 40’s but doubt it.  Still with some of the original paint.

IMG_0875 IMG_0876

I tried and I tried, but I couldn’t get a picture INSIDE the FotoReel.  It’s a Lion Tamer!  You turn the wheel (yes, it works) and you see 3D scenes of a man taming different big cats!  This thing is old and in almost perfect condition.  The turning wheel slips a little.

IMG_0880 IMG_0881 IMG_0882  Isn’t this neat?  Metal rattle thingy (LOL- love my technical jargon?) From the outside, 20’s? 30’s?

IMG_0888 Toy Waffle Iron – it actually looks as if you could put it on a stove and use it.

IMG_0891 Tricky Taxi – Still winds, just missing the handle and a little paint.

IMG_0895 Lead(?) toy soldiers in near perfect shape.

IMG_0902 Heavy Metal running Cowboy and Indians with some of their original pain left.

IMG_0909Tin Gypsy Wagon  - the nice colors!

IMG_0914 You are looking straight down on this.  You turn the knob and it spins within itself.  Not sure what it is called.  The name escapes me.IMG_0917  Old spinning top w/box – the box is torn on the backside but I have all the pieces.

WHEW!  Nope, that’s not it, just all for today.  I apologize for the quality of the pictures; I was trying to fry fish and take pictures at the same time.

If you see anything that interests you, please let me know. These will go up on Etsy soon (I hope – I’m behind on my listings).  I ship worldwide and take PayPal.

I still have several more toy items I got today that I’m going to share with you and I REALLY want to go back again for some more that I didn’t get.  But, after that purchase and the one I made at lunch today at the private estate/garage sale (pictures to follow soon), I need to SELL things, NOT purchase them!  I’m BROKE.  Not to mention all the repair work done to my truck today (sob).

Until Later………………………


  1. I HAD an Uncle Wiggly game when I was little! (Although, that one looks older than me....hmmm...) I love it!!! These are wonderful!

  2. Sorry to hear about your truck Marilyn but those sure are some awesome finds!!!
    Thanks for stopping by the other day and leaving a sweet comment, I really appreciate it neighbor!
    Have a wonderful weekend :)