Friday, January 15, 2010

It's Postcard Friday!

Sorry that I am only posting once a week right now & that I haven't posted any contests in my sidebar lately. I have such a great group of followers & promist I am going to make it up to y'all soon.

The pain in my neck is still bad and I have now been told I must have a disctonomy (sp?) that apparently is very barbaric and extremely painful!  That will tell the neurosurgeon if surgery will help. My second steroid shot for my back didn't help & I've been told surgery will be next for it.  Also, I will be seeing a doctor about my Carpal Tunnel Syndrome (which has involved BOTH arms).  I'm waiting for her nurse to call back with an appointment.  So hang in there all my great followers.  Please.

Now for today's postcard.  It's a vintage one of a pretty lady from Philadelphia in the 1900s with a NOKO Stamp code 1907-1920s.  I'm not showing the back, nothing fancy, no writing and it's not been used.  I won it just the other day. 

Also, I LOVE postcards and joined Postcrossing not too long ago and have been receiving some wonderful postcards from around the world. Even vintage ones!  I treasure them all and have a special binder they will go in.

Okay, here's the pic!

Okay, it's yours to use in your art projects, but PLEASE do not pass it off as yours.  If you send it on or share it with others, just mention where you got it from.

Thanks and have a great weekend everyone!


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