Sunday, February 21, 2010

After Christmas Shopping Trip - Part One

Right after Christmas, I made a shopping trip to Trenton Street in West Monroe, LA.  This is a street of antique and junktique shops located in the historic district.  It's a  "must visit" when I'm up home, no matter how bad the pain was nor how bad the agoraphobia.  However on this trip, Lortab was my traveling partner (thanks to a prescription) and I was able to shop with a minimum amount of pain.  Two torn discs can really hurt!  

My camera battery died and I had no more, but before it did, I captured a few pictures.  It was really a great day and I made some fantastic finds (and spent WAY too much).  Sorry it's taken two months, but I hope you enjoy a look into my world. 

This is looking down the street.  There were a LOT of people shopping for it being the day after Christmas.

Me and Blogger are fueding.  I'm having tons of trouble but please bear with me.    I loved the window displays, but I cannot remember the name of the shop!  I even bought some WONDERFUL smelling soaps there.  News Flash!!! - I think it's Pat's Gift Emporium and Gina Lynn's.  Hard to tell since the map on-line isn't correct from what I remember.
I loved this coat. So chic (and so out of my price range!).
The yummy soaps I spoke about buying.  I got the strawberry cake and the cherry cupcake ones you see in the front of the picture.  The smell SOOOO good!
Funky wallets!
LOVE those feather earrings.  Too bad all I ever wear is the gold hoops my husband bought me one year!
I should have asked if this mini mannequin was for sale. Another thing I collect LOL.
Potpourri de Tante Marie - This is one of my favorite shops!  Look what I scored:
It's hard to see, but these are the vintage gold-toned, stainless steel.  Very hard to find, but for $15, they are mine!  Into my utensil drawer and the beautiful box they came in goes under my cabinet until I can retrofit the inside.

Here's a birdcage I would have LOVED to have, but it would have blown my budget. 

Beautiful antique pictures hanging on cracked plaster walls.  These shops are super old and date from when this part of West Monroe was a bustling port and the local mill (Union Oil Mill) produced cotton seed oil.  The district was know as Cottonport.

Don't you just love old radios?  I do.  My mom is supposed to bring me one.  Do not ask where in the world I plan to put it in my already crowded house.

I did purchase one of the green cup and saucer sets for $5.  Another addition to the cup and saucer collection!

I wish I could have purchased this, but it was another budget buster.  I hunt for bargains since most of the items I purchase will end up in my Etsy stores plus I'm almost out of room at home for my collections.  Soon, when something comes in, something will have to go out.

Well, that's it for today.  I have more from the trip that I will post in the next day or two. 

As many times as I have been here, I have NEVER completely gone through all the shops.  It would take me more than a day since I cover territory very slowly.  Antiquing/junktiquing is theraputic for me.  It's a very calming influence - until I find a bargain that is.   There's one shop that is full of vintage books.  Think I'll hit that one the next time.

If I could, my house would be decorated in my finds.  However, my husband is STRONGLY against it (though his den is dedicated to his hunting trophies!).  I have to corral my finds into a hutch, a china cabinet, and selected small what-not cabinets mounted on walls.  There are two such little cabinets waiting to be hung along with a tiered corner shelf I refurbished with some white spray paint.  TWO CANS of spray paint as it was a dark, icky, knot-filled pine that didn't paint easily.  UGH

Also, we have to figure out where to hang shelves for my cup and saucer collection.  I'm thinking the dining room using those curved glass corner hanging shelves you find at Lowes.  They are super cool and don't take away from the beauty of what you are displaying. 

Oh, and I still have dollhouses and roomboxes to share.  Told you I was an eclectic person!

Until later......



  1. Hey sweetie!

    I see we finally got my "blog comments" to work! Yippee!!! Been there...a long time ago, but would go visit W. Monroe when we headed to some friends up there. It was in the dead of winter and some of the coldest weather ya'll had ever had way up there!

    So, glad you dropped by the yaya and thanks for joining me on my wacky journey! Have a beautiful and creative week...xo...deb

  2. That floral trench is SO BEAUTIFUL, wow! Wish I could get my hands on something like that!