Friday, February 21, 2014

Happy Little Spoon – A Project for Gauche Alchemy

Hello everyone!  Today I have an altered spoon for you that I created for Gauche Alchemy.  The spoon was included in the Happy Housewives Kit and I just couldn’t resist.

First, I covered the bowl of the spoon with a piece of red-checkered napkin from the kit. Using decoupage medium, I carefully smoothed out the napkin into the bowl, around the sides, and onto the back. I then sealed it with another couple of coats to protect the thin napkin. Next I wrapped the red plaid material from the kit around the handle and glued it down. I used Glossy Accents, but would have been better off with a fabric glue. I then took the piece of embroidered ribbon (kit) and glued it to a strip of chipboard to make a good, sturdy background for the spoon itself. The spoon was then glued to the embroidery strip.

I then started embellishing. A clock face with a clay flower and an ampersand worked well with the spoon.

MixedMediaSpoonButterfly (1)

Then I glued a piece of washi tape around the bottom of the handles, just above the bowl. There was this cute little red butterfly in the kit just begging to be used along with several flowers which I glued into the bowl of the spoon. To finish it off, I glued on a hanger to the top back so I could display it on my wall.

As I usually do, I tried to use as much from the kit as humanly possible just to show you how AWESOME these kits are. The only items not from the kit are the ampersand, hanger, and the centers of the flowers. The best part? I have oodles and oodles left to create even more cool things!

So get out there and create!

Until later………………..

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