Monday, March 24, 2014

LWD Design Tool Review Tuesday: Tim Holtz Ideaology Unmounted Stamp Binder and Unmounted Stamp Binder Refill Pockets

For today’s Tool Review Tuesday, I’m reviewing the Tim Holtz Unmounted Stamp Binder and related Refill Pockets.

The binder measures a generous 10 x 9.75 x 3, giving it plenty of room to hold all your Tim Holtz/Stampers Anonymous Stamps.  It can also hold transfers, stickers, etc.

It comes with three refill pockets to get you started.

The pockets are very roomy and easily hold your cling stamps (mine are stuck to a piece of acetate) and the stamp guide that comes with them. 

I slide my cling stamps into the pocket, attached to the piece of acetate they come with, put you can actually stick them directly to the outside back of the pocket.  The pocket is made to hold the stamp guide so you can see which stamps you have in what pocket.

What’s also so great about this binder is that the Stampers Anonymous stamp sets that come with their own three-hole punched cover fit directly into the binder.  No need for separate binders for the different types of stamps.

Refill pages are sold in packs of five.

I currently have six refill pockets in my binder and six Stampers Anonymous stamp sets, and I still have plenty of room for more refill pages.  My next step is going to be moving all my clear Tim Holtz stamps out of the CD cases they are in and into these pockets.
This is a very handy binder.  All my Tim Holtz and S.A. stamps are together and at my fingertips.  The zipper enclosure insures that if one of my stamps comes lose (not likely but possible), that it will stay in the binder and not fall out.  I plan on buying a couple of more of these because I do have so many of these stamps to file. Until now, they’ve been stacked in a plastic bin, hard to find and hard to use.
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Supplies Used Available from Lone Wolf Designs LLC:
Tim Holtz Ideaology Unmounted Stamp Binder
Tim Holtz Ideaology Unmounted Stamp Binder Refill Pages

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  1. Thanks for the great review, Marilyn! I'm sorry I didn't get it posted until a day later. (Better late than never, right?)