Thursday, August 28, 2008

Watching & Waiting

Well as some of you know, I live in South Louisiana. Currently, everyone here is watching what is currently Tropical Storm Gustov, soon to be Hurricane Gustov again. Will it hit the central coast of Louisiana or more toward the east toward New Orleans or maybe farther west toward Lake Charles? That is the million dollar question.

I for one am not all that enthused to see another hurricane. I was happy to live here 12 years without ever seeing one. Then there was Katrina. Amazing to watch come through - especially if you were to the west of it - but nerve racking to say the least. And three days without electricity? No thank you. Things like water and toilets don't work around here without electricity. There is no city water or sewer and we are all on wells and septic systems, both of which require electricity to function!

So, we will watch and wait. I've been on leave and am supposed to return to work Tuesday, but with this storm coming in, they may shut us down and I'll get another day or so of paid time off, no leave necessary.

On a brighter note, the LSU Tigers (2007 National Champions) have their season football opener Saturday night. While I personally do not like to attend the games, my husband and son do. Tailgating, partying, and hopefully a total romping of the opponents will have all of Baton Rouge in a good mood.

Well, back to costuming my dolls. I am working on a Roman Goddess that is giving me fits! What should have been an easy doll to do has now taken two days. I've broken one needle stand and almost glued my fingers together a couple of times. Let's hope the end result is worth the effort.

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