Saturday, December 5, 2009


Sorry about that guys, hit enter by mistake!

Okay, today, Bella Dreams is hosting a Christmas Blog Party.  As I have been having chronic pain problems, I haven't gotten a lot posted, but I did take a few pictures of ornaments and Christmas items that I have strewed around the house.  I'll be back later with some pictures, but first........

I have a prized Christmas nativity scene.  My paternal grandmother made it back in the 40's or 50's I think.  She used to let my brother and I set it out and play with the camels reins.  Ma (that's what we called her) was a pretty uptight woman, but that was the one time she relaxed and it's a treasured memory.  Just thinking about it gives me a nice feeling.  I also have some of her really old Christmas ornaments.  They are so thin and fragile, I'm afraid to even take them out of the box.  They haven't been touched in a couple of years, but I really need to find a display case and put them in there - they are way too pretty to hide.

So, I'll be back later with pictures, AND I have an easy Divinity recipe to share.  The other day, as part of a cookie recipe swap, I posted an easy praline recipe, so check that one out too.

Until later.