Tuesday, December 8, 2009

Just Stopping By for a Second to Share Another Win

I am so grateful.  In my time of extreme pain, God has decided to send angels with gifts to help lift my spirits.  Yes, I really do believe this!  I've been so lucky with blog giveaways lately that only God could grant me this luck.

Friday, I stumbled across a Snowman Hop for Stampers/Scrapbookers/Card Makers or anyone else.  I visited all the sites.  Many may not realize how much RL sized items (even stamps) can be translated to or used in miniature making.  What eye candy!  Everyone had the most gorgeous Snowman related items. 

Well, I won again (Happy Dance!)  This time is was Reindeer Kisses from Our Craft Lounge, and the site was With A Stamp and a Song.  Here is what my prize looks like:

So precious, isn't it?

Thank you Deb!



  1. You're very welcome! It was MY pleasure! I'm doin' the dance too! ;)

  2. OK, girl, tell me you have purchased a lottery ticket? How fun for you!

  3. Look at you, Miss Thang!
    Congrats on your recent wins, and sending big hugs, too.

  4. Thank ya'll so much! Nope, didn't get that lottery ticket, but I have until tomorrow. I HAVE to remember to do that don't I!!! LOL


  5. I am wishing you good luck..
    Please come to my Blog for my
    Christmas drawing.
    You will have two chances to win my latest painting.
    I wish you luck.. and congrats on your other winning!!.
    Hugs, Darlene xo

  6. Heavens! I opened this and thought, wow, she won again. Can you e-mail me your snail mail address? My Granddaughter picked your name as the back-up name in case Catherine didn't contact me so I would like to send you something anyway: jennymatlock@cox.net
    Happy Thursday!

  7. Congrats and thanks for stopping by my blog and entering my giveaway... I hope you are as lucky...

  8. Congratulations on your blog giveaway luck! I'm so sorry that you've been in pain lately... I'm glad that blogging has brought such joy to you:) Blogging is amazing!

  9. Congrats!!! Isn't it fun to win things?

    Have a wonderful weekend!