Monday, April 12, 2010

Well, Looks Like I Am Falling Down on the Job Here

Sorry for the delay in posting. Man, has it been busy!

I haven’t forgotten about the drawing for the the cappuccino cup – it’s just been delayed slightly due to REAL LIFE interfering.  SOOOOO if you want to still have a chance, go here - GIVEAWAY-CAPPUCCINO CUP – and I will draw Friday, April 16th.  I am so sorry, it’s just been wild.

Yes, I’m probably in over my head…….not to mention my neck is still giving me problems, work is in overdrive, my carpal tunnel flared up, & I can’t have my back surgery as planned because a co-worker is suffering a much more life-threatening illness and I need to be at work to help out.

On top of that, I thought I lost a box of inventory for my new store, but come to find out, either the post office didn’t put the notice in my box or my mother-in-law forgot to tell me (she picks up the mail sometimes) & forgot to get it for me.  ARRGGHHH !!!  Shoot, I haven’t even been able to get anything else listed so my new store is only partially stocked. 

So, since I have been remiss and neglectful, here’s a free image of a French postcard.  I hope you like it.

Real Glamour Photo

Until Later……………………….



  1. That's a beautiful postcard! Life does get hectic sometimes doesn't it...hang in there and sorry about your lost inventory:(

  2. Oh I am so sorry all the bad timing that came along. Keep on chugging gal.

  3. That is a sweet postcard, you could do so many creative things with that image.

  4. Oh no! Sounds like things are crazy there. Don't forget to exhale once in a while.