Friday, April 2, 2010

Well, I Must Be Nuts – A New Etsy Store

Good morning and Happy Good Friday to you all!

I mentioned in a post last week (good grief, I’m falling down on the job here) that I had opened a new Etsy Store.  Well, it’s now on my sidebar.  Hopefully, it will move to a page of it’s own, once I figure out the Blogger Pages gadget.

The new store is The Creative Closet and will be stocked with Die Cuts/Scrap and with 7 Gypsies products.  Currently, all I have up is the die cuts & scrap.  The 7 Gypsies is still arriving, though I did get a good sized shipment yesterday.  My goal is to carry not only those items, but Prima flowers also.  However, I’m still working on getting my business licenses and all that other stuff one needs to be a real honest to goodness business.  Until I do that, I can’t pay wholesale prices.  Though I was lucky enough to buy out someone’s stock, enough to get my store up and running and it will be pretty well stocked for the present time.

The reason I say I have got to be nuts is that I have a full-time job, a full time family (it’s also baseball season and my son plays), and now I’m looking at having a full-time web business.  I currently run three other stores, two of which are with my mother, and we have a third that I need to create the header for in order to open.  See why I need to learn about Blogger Pages?  I already have too much on my sidebar!  Not to mention, I try and keep a good list of giveaways for everyone to enter on my sidebar.  I haven’t even been able to do that!  LOL.  I haven’t even read the blogs I subscribe to in a week, which means there are over 1000 posts to get through.

Also, I love to blog, but things have been so hectic since I have returned to work, that I haven’t even done that in a week.  Not only do I need to post a postcard today for Postcard Friday, I also have to post for VBF and I have about three postcards to send off for postcard exchanges, get three orders off in the mail (I’m still selling Flea Market Style magazines also), and make a trip to check out some possible stock for my store and for personal use from someone selling off their scrapbooking supplies.   My giveaway also runs through Sunday night, so I have that, and I would love to get back in my studio and work on a dollhouse and some dolls!

Oh, I love to stay busy, but do you think I have now lost my every-lovin’ mind?  LOL 

Until later…………………………


  1. You certainly are busy, no doubt about that! But how exciting about your new Etsy shop, good luck!!!

  2. Oh, too funny! No you have not lost your mind, atleast, not yet. ;)

    I've opened a second shop on etsy and it's hard to do it all.

    Just remember to be kind to yourself. :)

  3. Hi,
    I relate to your time crunch issues and understand most bloggers have a life outside of the computer. This past year I settled into a pace I can live with and have balance in my life. It's fun and I love to see all the interesting projects and creative ideas everyone is doing. Like for instance dolls..I love them so get to enjoy them here!

  4. You are a busy lady for sure! I took a quick sneak peak at your new shop, and you have some great things there. I'm a huge lover of 7 Gypsies' products. Can't wait to go do some in-depth shopping!

    Try not to wear yourself out! Have a great weekend. :o)

  5. Just wishing you good luck girl. As Dale said, "Be Kind to Yourself."
    Will visit your shop.

  6. Wow are you going to have your hands full! But you are living each day to the fullest!