Friday, May 27, 2011

IMA Show and Sale New Orleans, LA - Last Weekend

What a WONDERFUL show and sale.  Though it was small, we had the first show and sale in New Orleans in Katrina blew through and tore up so many people's lives and wrecked so many events.  While it was small, it didn't lack for fun and plenty of vendors.

Thelma, who organizes the IMA Shows, did an outstanding job and she is an awesome lady.  Hats off to her for pulling off this event.  I never even saw her lose her admirable cool even once.

On Thursday, I took several round tables (or round robins as some call them) and what I didn't have time to take, I made sure I purchased the kits.  I loved Sister Oliva's where we were able to frame a picture of our choosing.  This is a great lady and I plan to visit her gift shop on Magazine Street in the near future where she sells minis and full size items, with all proceeds going to her convent.  Then that afternoon, I took a great Leather Trunk Class taught by Joyce Bernard from New Mexico.  While I didn't finish (I'm slow and a perfectionist - Mom, who was watching, said I'm just like my grandmother was), I do feel comfortable that I will know what do in order to complete the trunk.  Joyce also make wonderful filled trunks among other items. 

On Friday, I hit an estate sale in the morning (more on that in another post) then spent the afternoon with two friends, one of which now lives in Arizona.  What a wonderful time.  Yes, Mom was with me the entire time.  She loves to travel with me even though she doesn't do minis.  Then that evening, we headed back to the hotel for the Preview Show and Sale where I was the lucky bidder on the Pearl Jordan doll!!!!  Ever seen a 42-year old woman doing the "Happy Dance" down the middle of the sales floor?  Well, if you were there, you saw me do it.  I have always wanted one of her dolls and am grateful to her family to have donated the Fisherman to such a worthy event.  Pearl, you are missed by all in the mini world.  The below picture is from her website.  I haven't had time to take one of my own and wanted to share her wonderful doll with you all.

Then, I preceeded to spend way too much money.  When the sale closed, I hadn't even made it through the vendors, so I headed home and prepared for another day of buying the next morning.

Saturday came and Mom and I headed back to the sale.  Let me tell you.  Miniaturist, with few exceptions, are the NICEST people I have ever met.  I spent TWO HOURS talking and buying in just FIVE BOOTHS!  I hit KarenLynnn at Kreative Goodies (wish I could have bought more), Deb at Dragonfly for her Mulberry Roses and Glue Syringers, Craig Roberts at The Hairy Potter for a beautiful pot and great conversation (you have got to stop and talk to him if you see him at a show), Bob Hastings for two beautiful cornices his wife (may she rest in peace) painted, a 1/2 scale house, and lots of wallpaper (he's so nice), plus I talked with Nancy Weith at Exceptional! about some awesome beaded flowers in a vase she carries for an 80-year old lady.  I am determined to buy one of these, even though the cost is VERY high. Nancy also carries Lyn Trenary dolls that are just great.

By then, it was time for lunch and a rest.  I hurriedly ate then back for more shopping.  Little items here and there.  I tried to purchase something from each seller if I could.  Then I met an awesome lady.  Talina from Bit's and Pieces.  Such a friendly, awesome person.  We talked and talked. Besides miniatures, we share the same love of auctions and estate sales, though she has a more extensive collection than I do.  I really have got to get in touch with her soon, but am giving her time to recover from the show (plus I'm still snowed under at work!).

So, when it was all said and done, a totally awesome weekend.  Lots of fun and laughter.  Laughter I needed badly along with seeing my friends who I hadn't seen in forever.  Can't wait until we can get together again!

Life is like a mirror-if you frown at it, it frowns back; If you smile at it, it returns the greeting.

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  1. I was hoping to get to come be a part of the show. But I did not know about it in time. I hope that she will have the show again next year and I will be able to attend.