Sunday, May 29, 2011

Antiques/Vintage and The Question of Whether to Leave Them Whole or Tear Them Down for Parts

Okay folks, this was the post I was telling you I would need your input on, either for or against, when I wrote that I was back. 

See, this is somewhat of a sore subject for me and I am somewhat divided on how I feel toward this.  So yes, it's okay to "straddle the fence" on this one.

I see this a LOT at auctions or estate sales and so does Mom.  People buying gold and silver vintage or antique jewelry in MINT condition and with the broken stuff to MELT IT DOWN and sell if for the gold or silver content.  Now, this I CANNOT STAND!  Let me elaborate.

If it's broken, okay, go for it.  Yes, some may be repaired, but most people lack the skill.  Salvage the stones and findings, sell them separately as vintage parts to be rebuilt or used for something else and carry on with the melting down.  But the stuff in MINT condition.  UH HUH. NO WAY.  That is history you are destroying.  You can never, ever get that back. It's not worth it. If I could, I would buy every bit I could get my hot little hands on, but unfortunately, I wasn't born with a silver (or even bronze LOL) spoon in my mouth.  I have to settle for what I can get.  These people are just after the money to make a few quick bucks and that is horrendous to me.  Money isn't everything.  Saving out past is.  I want to walk up to these people and say "Don't you know you are destroying a piece of the past that can never be salvage?  That there will never be any more of what you hold in your hands?"  Of course, my Mom would then grab me by my arm and drag me off, while I would probably be carrying on about the shear audacity of it.  Melt down the broken stuff, save the good.  Of course, this does benefit me in a way, because it makes what I own more valuable and it increases the rarity, but money isn't everything and believe me, it does not buy happiness!

Same goes with typewriter keys, adding machine keys, etc.  Now, you will notice on my Etsy sites that I have these for sale periodically.  Mom and I buy BROKEN items and then have Dad remove the keys.  It pains us to even think about tearing apart an early 1900's typewriter simply because we can make more on the keys than the typewriter itself.  So, we buy a perfect typewriter or adding machine (or whatever) it goes into storage.  We take the broken, break down and get what can be used, and give the rest to Dad for scrap.  Again, I love old typewriters.  Hate to see a perfectly good one torn to pieces for the keys, but don't mind if it's broken.

Old vintage furniture beyond restoration?  Sure, salvage the wood that can be salvaged along with any veneer and mirrors, and then trash the rest.  Good vintage/antique furniture that is in mint condition or that can be salvage?  Fix and sale.

This could go on and on and on.

So, what is YOUR opinion.  First, I honestly want it.  I will not get mad or upset because I have ASKED to KNOW what YOU think.  Whether you agree with me or not.  My opinions here are my own and it's a free country (YIPPEE) and we are entitled to speak our minds.  So, have at it!

Happy Memorial Day and kiss a veteran, active military, or reservist or at least thank them for serving their country and keeping us free so we can do something like speak out minds. My Dad and brother both are veterans (brother is active reservist) and one of my Uncles is a retired Marine.  Semper Fi Uncle Ray!

Remember, smile and the world smiles with you, frown and you frown alone.

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